Yellow Faced on the Show Bench

This presentation was put together by Nigel Tonkin and John Mulley after a lot of discussion, from fanciers internationally and within Australia, as to where or how the Yellow Face should be placed on the show bench.

John did an initial simplistic presentation specifically for the Australian National Budgerigar Council to show where the Yellow Faced should sit within the Australian Matrix, just below the Normal blue series. Nigel expanded this presentation, inclusive of photos, percentages, examples and had John review to ensure that he was okay with the changes.

Each country MAY have the Yellow Faced variety ‘mixed’ with a particular variety, when we would argue that the Yellow Faced ‘Normal’ should be shown as the Yellow Faced in a class of its own and all others with a Yellow Face be exhibited within the variety.

I use as one example, the Albino. In Australia this is shown in the Yellow Faced class, we would argue that it is an Albino first, with a Yellow Face – thus should be shown as an Albino. This example could be used for all varieties in the blue series.

I trust fanciers enjoy the presentation and consider the reasons behind it.

To view the presentation, please click on the slide below (left).


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About the Author: Nigel Tonkin is President of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia and has judged in the Australian Nationals, New Zealand, Switzerland & Germany. He is heavily involved in producing the new Australian Standard pictorial - working with Roy Aplin.

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  1. This is a beautiful presentation by Nigel Tonkin the President of BCSA and John Mulley.

    I am also glad that we were in debate through our BSP Yahoo Group Forum and we learned a lot during the discussion.

    Thank you.
    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan.

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