The London & Southern Counties Budgerigar Society

London & Southern Counties Budgerigar SocietyThe L&SCBS is one of the ten regional Area Societies affiliated to the Budgerigar Society in the UK.

It’s THE society, for budgerigar breeders and exhibitors, that caters for the needs of those who live in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Middlesex, Essex and Hampshire.

There are also a number of members from outside our region and overseas – as they believe the society is one of the best in the UK.


The society holds various shows and events throughout the year.

The events and dates for 2010 are as follows.

  • Young Bird show and Seminar – 27th June – Smallfield
  • Open show – 25th July – Smallfield
  • Specialist & Rare Variety show – 10th October – Smallfield
  • New Fancier & Beginner’s Day – 24th October – Smallfield
  • Sales & Promotional Day – 14th November – The Market Hall, Maidstone, Kent

Our events at Smallfield are held at Centenary Hall, Smallfield, Surrey, which is about three miles from Gatwick airport.


We give Patronage in the form of rosettes and various awards to shows in our area as well as a few selected shows outside the area. These awards are for competition amongst our members at these shows. For those who take showing seriously, winning a L&SCBS rosettes is highly prestigious.

News & Information

We believe in keeping in contact with our members and we do this by sending out regular newsletters. These are usually two sides of A4 so they are concise, informative and always up to date with society news and information. These also carry news from our local specialist societies.

The society knows how difficult it is to get help and advice when you need it, so it has set up a HelpLine where a group of experienced fanciers can be contacted by telephone. These fanciers are available for basic non-veterinary advice when it’s needed. Our new members and those new to the hobby find this service extremely valuable.

Exhibition Budgerigars

When showing budgerigars it’s vital to have them with your own rings, which need to carry your own personal ring number. Members can order such rings to enable them to show their birds at any exhibition.

Society Administration

The society is managed by a group of members known as the General Council. This consists of a President, Secretary, Subscription Secretary, Treasurer, Patronage Secretary, Chairman and a committee of up to ten people. These members come from the whole area and meet about eight times a year to manage the society’s affairs.

Join Us !

The L&SCBS is a society with the primary objective of encouraging and supporting people to keep, breed and show budgerigars. If you live in the area covered by the society – you NEED to be a member.

Our subscription rates are –

  • Adult – £12
  • Husband & Wife – £14
  • Senior Citizen & Disabled – £7
  • Junior – £5

Further details are available from –

  • The General Secretary
    Malcom Parsons
    Tel 01903 246297
  • Treasurer & Subscription Secretary
    Paul Tiller
    Tel 01932 860842

For more information about the society see our website at:


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Fred Wright About the Author:

Fred Wright has been breeding budgerigars for more than 45 years.

He started breeding these birds as pets when he was at school in 1961. Within a year or two he joined a local club and was soon breeding exhibition birds – but continued to breed pets to support his exhibition interests and still believes that this is an ideal way to start with budgerigars. Even if the interest is just in exhibition stock, he believes the way forward should always be to breed and sell ten, to buy one good one!

Fred’s aim has never been to breed two or three super birds a year – it’s been to establish a very large stud of top quality budgerigars. Usually, in excess of 300 budgerigars are bred each year. He loves to show his birds to visitors and one of the comments made by many people is that it’s one of the better studs in the country, but disappointingly, they rarely get seen on the show bench.

Some 20 years plus ago, he was encouraged to write for magazines about budgerigars. Since then he has become a prolific writer and has articles published all over the world. Together with Roy Stringer, Fred wrote a series of books – the “All About …” series of nine books about all the colours and varieties of budgerigars. These books have become extremely popular.

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