Thanks from Dr Rob Marshall

Dear Gerald,

Thank you so much for including me on your exceptional website.

I think your site will thrust budgerigar breeders into the 21st century and allow them to receive far more success and enjoyment from this entrancing hobby.

Congratulations again on a fantastic website!

All the best,
Rob Marshall


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About the Author: Dr Rob Marshall B.V.Sc., M.A.V.C.Sc. (Avian Health) is arguably the finest and most experienced veterinary surgeon in the world currently highly active in the field of avian diseases. His knowledge, supported by his extensive Curriculum Vitae, plus papers and books on avian health, is unequalled. His latest publication, "The Budgerigar Book", took 12 years to produce and is undoubtedly the most extensive volume concerning budgerigar health ever produced. Dr Marshall has his own veterinary practice in Carlingford, near Sydney, Australia.

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