Southend and District B and FBS 2012 Open Show


The society held its successful 56th open championship show and received a slight drop in entry to a total of 505 received from 39 exhibitors of which 406 were benched. The judges Colin Lamb, Don Rowell and Trevor & Adrian Terheege were unanimous in picking last two years’ winner “Noddy” of Ian Ward & Michelle Rogers as the best in show and making it a “Hat Trick” for this wonderful bird winning the any age award as well as best novice any age. This cinnamon grey green cock was staged in immaculate condition looking a very worthy winner. Terry Ellis & Barry Mathews’ partnership won the young bird award with a spangle light green cock. Simon Roberts won the best any age opposite sex award with a light green hen while Miranda Humphreys won the young bird opposite sex and overall opposite sex in show with a cinnamon green hen.

The judges; Trevor Terheege, Don Rowell, Colin Lamb & Adrian Terheege with the “Hat Trick” winners Ian & Michelle

There were 12 champion exhibitors and show officials Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser headed the any age section with a cinnamon grey green cock as well as third best with a dominant pied skyblue cock. George McMillan & Chris Head occupied second best in the any age with their yellowface grey cock and also second & third best young bird with a skyblue & grey green cocks. Heading the champion young bird was Ian Thorogood with a dominant pied skyblue cock.

Neil Wheatley with daughter who won Best Beginner Young Bird

Terry Ellis & Barry Mathews’ partnership had a good team in the intermediate section winning the any age section with a skyblue cock followed by a grey green cock in second place and their spangle headed the young bird section. Colin Cole was third in the any age section with a light green cock while Miranda Humphreys occupied second and third position in the young bird section with a skyblue and opaline grey green cocks.

Ellis & Mathews who won Best Young Bird in Show as well as both Intermediate sections

The Ward & Rogers’ partnership headed the novice any age section with their best in show “Noddy” and also the young bird section with another cinnamon grey green cock while their cinnamon grey green hen was third best. Ray Marston won the second best any age with a cinnamon grey green hen followed by Chris Rowe’s grey green cock in third place. A spangle opaline cinnamon light green hen bred by Graham Barton & Richard Mann was second best young bird.

Peter & Sandra Stevens who won Best Beginner Any Age

Peter & Sandra Stevens headed the beginner any age section with a grey cock while their spangle opaline grey green cock was second best. Roy Hawkins was third with a grey green cock. Neil Wheatley had a strong team in the young bird section winning the first three spots with a grey green and skyblue cocks and a cinnamon grey green hen.

Amelia Pearce headed both junior sections with an adult grey green cock and a baby skyblue cock. Her dominant pied light green cock was third best young bird. Andrew Scott benched a dark green and dominant pied light green cocks in second and third best any age while Julie Clarke was second best young bird with a grey green cock.

Ian Thorogood with his Best Champion Young Bird

There were two teams entered and Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser won the best team with four crested spangle opaline light green cocks.

Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser who won Best Champion Any Age

Best of colour awards: C. Cole, green; Miss M. Humphreys, blue, opaline green, any other colour; G & J Al-Nasser, grey green, dominant pied, rare variety; McMillan & Head, grey, yellowface; M. Frost, opaline blue; Ward & Rogers, cinnamon, lutino; S. Roberts, opaline cinnamon; Mrs. J. Hill, albino; J. Rivers, yellow-wing; Solomon Harman – Naylor, whitewing; D. Moss, crest; B & K Scott, recessive pied; Ellis & Mathews, spangle. Certificate of Merits: novice young bird, Ward & Rogers; beginner young bird; N. Wheatley; junior young bird, Amelia Pearce.


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About the Author: Ghalib Al-Nasser kept budgerigars as a young boy in his native country Iraq, but after completing his engineering studies in England he started again and joined the Budgerigar Society of G.B. in 1971. He is heavily involved in the administration (management & shows) of many local, national and specialist societies as well as being the secretary of the World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO). He has judged in not less than 30 countries in the 6 continents and has lectured in many countries all over the world. He was made President of the Budgerigar Society of G.B. in 2001.

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    Very nice commentary,photography and report.

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