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Daniel Lütolf is a teacher for students between the age 14 and 17 years.

His introduction to budgerigars began in 1980, “It is a very intense hobby that became a very important part of my life.” The rest of his free time is devoted to his family; Daniela and two daughters, Rubina and Neve.

He started budgerigar breeding at the age of 11, which was more a coincidence than planned. A classmate showed him his budgerigars which caught his interest. Some months later, relatives of his mother gave him a pair of budgerigars as a present – against the will of his parents. From this pair he was able to breed youngsters, in an old shoe box.

That early success intensified his interest even more. In 1986 Daniel met Heinrich Ott, who was one of the top Swiss budgerigar breeders at that time. From him he purchased his first really good show budgerigars. The Ott birds had an excellent background and came from the very best English bloodlines, mainly from Ormerod and Sadler.

Since those early days quality birds from other UK, European and South African breeders have been introduced to develop today’s superb stud.

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  1. ali khan says:

    Sir I visit your web site. Your birds are really incredible and charming. It’s my wish that I would make the breed like you. God bless you.

  2. Dee says:

    Thank you so much for the comparison picture. I have recently moved to the Redwoods of Northern California where folks seem to think I am making up another “BigFoot” story.

    I think they are the most delightful of birds. It is a good thing that there are not so many breeders, keeps the breed from growing too fast in popularity and being ruined by fools.

    Of course, I am a lady who had Bouvier des Flandres, most Americans have no idea…

  3. It’s great honor for us Daniel Lutolf coming for judging BSP Baby Show 2014

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