New era of outward promotion at the BS

The Budgerigar Society has published the list of events that the organization will be attending and supporting as part of their new campaign to attract interest in the hobby beyond its existing membership. The 12 events range from Frome Agricultural Show, Stafford Show to South West Lancs beginners day.

Former President and current Chairman, Maurice Roberts commented: “By taking a presence at these events, the Society demonstrates its commitment to broaden our horizons and meet new potential members who can join our ranks and bring about a resurgence in the uptake of those who take an interest in this fascinating creature.”

Each date will be attended by Mat Akers in his new role as Promotion Administrator and will display the new Society promotion stand. Mat has high hopes for what can be gained by the new strategy: “By supporting these events, we open the doors of the Budgerigar Society to audiences that may otherwise never have heard about us. I strongly believe that targeting pet enthusiasts especially at some of these dates will pay dividend for us in the long run.”

The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire is an example of one date that the BS have high expectations for in particular. The event will be held on the weekend of 20 July and around 20,000 visitors are expected. Publicity Officer for the Society, Richard Miller explained: “This is real example of how the BS is stepping out of the box with its new marketing strategy. The pet side of the hobby has been largely neglected by the Society for such a long time now. This event will give us the opportunity to really engage with that side of bird keeping away from the purely exhibition breeders.”

Richard also sees this announcement as the early stages of a much wider marketing strategy that the Society is in the process of embarking upon: “the key shift for us is not to purely market inwardly to the captive audience we already have within the hobby. Our local and area societies do a great job in that respect and whilst we need to support them in this role in any way we can and continue to communicate with the fancy, we must commit to marketing the hobby to pastures new if the Society and the past time generally are to survive and prosper”

* the full list of the events the BS will be attending is available on the BS website


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About the Author: Richard Miller is a champion breeder and exhibitor of budgerigars in partnership with his father Michael. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, Richard has bred budgerigars since he was 8 years old. The partnership attained the highest accolade within the fancy by winning Best in Show at the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show in 2006. Richard is a member of the General Council and the current Publicity Officer.

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