Meet Tom & Andrew Luke, UK

The T & A Luke stud’s original stock came from the partnership of K & D Whaites. Ken on completion of their bird room in 1991 gave them over seventy birds. “Yes he gave us the birds to which we will always be grateful,” said Andrew. They were also fortunate enough to buy the stud of Harry Smithies when he left the hobby. This stud had a similar bloodline to the birds from K & D Whaites and consisted of mainly Opalines and Opaline Cinnamons.

Around the same time they also bought a few birds from Peter Johnston, and in particular a opaline cinnamon grey cock and a dominant pied sky blue hen. On numerous visits to the stud of Doug Sadler in Hampshire a few birds were bought including Australian Goldenface’s, Greywings and Spangles. One of these, a spangle grey cock bred very good birds for them; three of which were spangle grey cocks all brothers and all with special features. Andrew again, “All of our spangles plus many normals can be traced back to the original spangle from Doug.”

 Two birds with a Joe Mannes pedigree were obtained indirectly via another breeder in 2003. Birds have been introduced from the very famous stud of Gerald Binks in Surrey, as were a few birds from Neil Harvey prior to him leaving the hobby. Some top quality birds were added in winter 2007 from the father and son partnership of Reinhard & Holger Molkentin (South Africa). These included a few lacewings. At presant there are only a handfull of  birds in their breeding team with other breeders rings on, the majority are home bred.

The Stud Today

Today’s stud consists of the following varieties in various colours Normals, Cinnamons, Opalines, Opaline Cinnamons, Spangles, Yellow Faces, Lacewings and Dominant Pieds. Preference in on quality never colour as they feel it more important to keep and breed off only the better birds.

Birds are housed in two large flights in the none breeding season and in mixed ages and sexes – as budgerigars are very social the younger birds learn from the older birds. This helps keep the stud active and prevents them getting bored. In the past the adult birds were kept in a separate flight and then a few weeks before pairing up the sexes were split up. They always keep twice as many hens as cocks, this is a back up

Show results – 2011 Show Season

3 x Best In Show
3 x Best Opposite Sex Any Age In Show
3 x Best Young Bird In Show
65 x Challenge Certificate’s

2010 Show Season

16 Shows
3 x Best In Show
10 x Best Opposite Sex In Show
1 x Best Young Bird In Show
5 x Best Young Bird Opposite Sex
70 x Challenge Certificate’s

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Terry Tuxford About the Author:

Terry Tuxford first began breeding budgerigars in 1979 and joined the BS in 1980. He was elevated to Champion in 1985 when he went into partnership with Brian Poole. This partnership is probably one of the longest existing partnerships in the UK hobby today having lasted some 27 years so far and is still going strong. Terry and Brian are also partnered by Yvonne Tuxford who joined the BS in 1990.

Terry demonstrated his penmanship early in his budgerigar career and wrote in the second edition of Budgerigar World. Little did he realise then that in just over 8 year’s time he would become editor following a 20 month apprenticeship with founding editor, Gerald Binks. Terry went on to edit a total of 245 editions up to May 2011.

In 1993 Terry took his Budgerigar Society Judges final examination and was awarded Subsidiary Judge of the Year and has gone on to judge the Budgerigar Society World Show on three occasions as well as many top shows at home and abroad. He is also an accomplished speaker and has been a guest at societies throughout the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and many other European countries.

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  1. Who would not enjoy Tom and Andrew Luke’s super birds and like the tip, ‘Preference in on quality never colour’ as they feel it more important to keep and breed off only the better birds’. Thank you very much Terry.

    Habib Ur Rehman,Pakistan

  2. ali khan says:

    Your birds are really cute and different from others. I really enjoy to see your collection. God bless you.

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