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Click to view event detailsAs readers will know, the Budgerigar Society Early Season Event is being held in Woking, Surrey (London Airport 30 minutes away) between the 6th to 8th May, 2011 inclusive.

It has been brought to our attention that this is probably the last time that fanciers can see and hear Reinhard Molkentin (South Africa) and Gerald Binks (UK).

Both of these champion breeders have been persuaded to come out of “retirement” to give lectures at this excellent event, which is being organised by Fred Wright and Roger Carr. As such, it is an opportunity not to be missed if you are a serious fancier.

Gerald Binks will be giving a Powerpoint lecture lasting over an hour and a half and Reinhard Molkentin is currently busy recording a professional DVD of the Holger and Reinhard Molkentin Stud titled “Budgerigar Keeping – The South African Way”.

Reinhard’s DVD will last 45 minutes, and will be followed by a further 45 minutes of discussion and answering questions. We understand that a professional director and film maker (Eelco Meyjes) has been engaged by Reinhard and the DVD will be distributed worldwide after its launch at this major event in the UK calendar.

All details can be obtained from Roger Carr, +44 (0) 1844 213600 – please check any appropriate time difference between abroad and the UK before calling!

The weekend contains a very full and exciting programme to suit both husbands and wives, so please seriously consider booking at the earliest opportunity.


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Fred Wright About the Author:

Fred Wright has been breeding budgerigars for more than 45 years.

He started breeding these birds as pets when he was at school in 1961. Within a year or two he joined a local club and was soon breeding exhibition birds – but continued to breed pets to support his exhibition interests and still believes that this is an ideal way to start with budgerigars. Even if the interest is just in exhibition stock, he believes the way forward should always be to breed and sell ten, to buy one good one!

Fred’s aim has never been to breed two or three super birds a year – it’s been to establish a very large stud of top quality budgerigars. Usually, in excess of 300 budgerigars are bred each year. He loves to show his birds to visitors and one of the comments made by many people is that it’s one of the better studs in the country, but disappointingly, they rarely get seen on the show bench.

Some 20 years plus ago, he was encouraged to write for magazines about budgerigars. Since then he has become a prolific writer and has articles published all over the world. Together with Roy Stringer, Fred wrote a series of books – the “All About …” series of nine books about all the colours and varieties of budgerigars. These books have become extremely popular.

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  1. Rod Gillan says:

    Did anyone record onto DVD the talks given by yourself and Reinhard Molkentin for sale to fanciers who couldn’t make the Woking event?

    Any news on Reinhard’s DVD on Budgerigar Keeping?

    Rod Gillan, UK

  2. GSB says:


    Regrettably no recording was made of the talks.

    However, Reinhard’s DVD that was show at the event is now available. Full details are here on


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