Budgerigar Society News Roundup – March 2012

The Budgerigar SocietyBoth the General Council of The Budgerigar Society and the Club Show Committee held meetings recently and some of the important decisions made by both committees can be summarised as follows:

Buckton’s Sponsorship Ceases

It is with regret that the sponsorship with Bucktons will cease as from end of April.

This sponsorship deal, going back to 2000, has been fruitful to the Budgerigar Society as well as its members.

The Society has purchased pop-up banners to pass on to its General Council members to take to shows, together with question boxes to promote the Society and consult the general membership.

Long Service Awards

National Council for Aviculture (NCA) Long Service Badges were awarded to:

  • Gold (25 years service)
    • Roger Carr
    • Bob Francis
    • Dave Herring
  • Silver (20 years service)
    • Ghalib Al-Nasser
    • Gren Norris
    • Dave Whittaker
  • Bronze (15 years service)
    • Janice Al-Nasser
    • George Booth
    • Grant Findlay
    • Donald McCallum
    • Alex Woan

Roger Carr was also installed on the NCA Roll of Honour for his long and outstanding services to the fancy.

UK Breeders at World Show

Four UK budgerigar fanciers recently entered their birds at the World Show in Spain.

Geoff Capes & Roger Carr won Gold Medals and Roy Aplin won a Silver & two Bronze medals.

Birds in Team Classes to be included in Benched Figures

After receiving correspondence from Land O’Burns BS, it was agreed that correctly entered birds in team classes will count towards the benched figure at shows.

This means that the number of birds rather than the number of teams will count towards the final benched figures.

All paper work related to patronage returns have been amended to take this into consideration.

Anthracite Variety Recognised / Rare Varieties Class Changes

The Rare Variety & Colour BS submitted a request to recognise the Anthracite variety, having met all the criteria for recognition of a new mutation, and also a Colour Standard for the variety.

They also requested that the variety to be exhibited in the Rare Variety classes.

The Council accepted both recommendations and decided that, to give the varieties grouped in the Rare Variety classes a chance of competing on an equal footing, the Clearbody variety (both Texas & Easley) will now be exhibited in the Any Other Classes.

All these changes to take immediate effect.

Biosecurity & Cleaning Changes

Some amendments were made to the Biosecurity Guidelines so that cage covers can now be removed inside the hall at a designated area before checking in and checking out.

Both the top and slope of the show cages now need to be cleaned.

It was also agreed that designated treated areas of the floor may be used as well if necessary.

Judges Panel Changes

Both Miranda Humphreys & Graham Turner were admitted to the Subsidiary Judges Panel.

The following were admitted to the Retired Judges Panel:

  • John Grubb
  • Horace Holland
  • Robert McLean
  • John Mason
  • Frank Punchard
  • Les Stanley

The following were removed from the Judges Panel either for failure to pay subscription or failure to complete the Judges Return Form:

  • Duncan Folley
  • Steve Speed
  • Rodney Harris

Both John Bowie & Derek Hardie resigned from the Judges Panel.

The Budgerigar

All members of the society receive a full colour magazine (“The Budgerigar”) which is published bi-monthly.

The March issue of “The Budgerigar” has been sent to all paid up members containing the ballot forms to elect the new General Council from 20 candidates.

There are also nine resolutions put forward for members to vote on.

BS 2012 Spring Event & AGM

Plans are well ahead with the next Spring Event to be held on 11th – 13th May 2012 at Seaton Burn within the Northern BS area.

The speakers are:

  • Gerd Bleicher (Germany)
  • Carlos Ramôa (Portugal)
  • Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser (Guidelines)

The judges booked are:

  • Dave Cottrell
  • Terry & Linda Jukes
  • Ron Pearce
  • Fred Wright

The format will be similar to the event held in Woking last spring.

The Society’s AGM will be held on Saturday 12th May.

BS Club Show 2012

The Club Show this year is going back to its old date on 17th & 18th November.

The committee accepted a trophy donated by Joe Nevin for Best Yellowface Any Age and have also decided to accept birds on the Saturday morning as well as on Friday.

Judges booked for this year are:

  • Maurice Roberts (President)
  • Ian Clarke (Trainee Judge of the Year)
  • Marcel Buhler & Carlos Ramôa (overseas judges)
  • Linda Jukes
  • Robert Ellis
  • Pete Hutchinson
  • Dave Wall
  • Kevin Shillings
  • Dave Guppy
  • Adrian Terheege
  • Ron Pearce
  • Phil Reaney
  • Colin Parsons

Section judges will be:

  • Bob McCabe
  • Doug Pringle
  • Geoff Tuplin
  • Clifton Wixon

Dr. Marcellus Bürkle, a specialist bird vet from Germany, will be the speaker at the morning seminar.

Judges for 2013 were also nominated and selected.

The exhibitor’s package of free entry to the show on Sunday for benching 15 or more birds (excluding sales) will still be in operation. First time exhibitors at the Club Show will be given a voucher for a free catalogue when checking in their birds.


The 2012 subscription fees are:

  • Single – £25
  • Partnership same address – £37.50
  • Senior member & OAP – £20
  • Junior – £16.25

The veterinary diagnostic service fee is £10 per annum.

More information can be obtained from the society’s website (www.budgerigarsociety.com) or by contacting the Budgerigar Society office.


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About the Author: Janice Al-Nasser, a retired school headteacher, kept budgerigars since the mid 1970s but became a series breeder and joined the Budgerigar Society of G.B. in 1983. She is, with her husband Ghalib, heavily involved in the administration side of the hobby holding numerous key positions in many national and specialist societies including the Budgerigar Society General Council where she was the President in 2007. She has judged in 20 countries all over the world and has lectured at the B.S. Convention, American Grand National and the Australian National.

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