BS News – Changes for the 21st century

Following two days of GC meetings, the BS has announced a raft of decisions/proposals:

  1. Consultation paper to be issued for proposed changes to the show classification for the 2014 show season;
  2. The letting of the BS office and confirmation the building is not to be sold;
  3. Grant Findlay to step down as Vice Chairman on commencement of his new role with the successor appointed as Ghalib Al-Nasser effective from April;
  4. New pro-forma document to be introduced for judges to be proposed for BS Club Show;
  5. 2015 convention to be held in the Stoke-on-Trent area and organised by Terry & Linda Jukes and John Cosby ;
  6. Proposed rule change for reduction to 4 sections by removing Intermediate status;
  7. New BS Stand to be commissioned by kind donation to the Society with the theme of promoting the hobby;
  8. Review of the BS website/the possibility of a BS Intranet;
  9. Grant Findlay and Michael Chapman received unanimous support from the GC to remain as members of the GC on commencement of their new roles.

Maurice Roberts as Chairman and current President of the Society commented on the announcements:

“We are at the start of a new era and it is hoped that these decisions will show that the BS is moving forward so as to ensure that it is fit for purpose for the 21st Century.”

The most controversial subjects are the proposed:

a.            new classification (including a uniform classification for all championship/area shows, additional classes for the Double Factor Spangle & Clearbody and the awarding of a Challenge Certificate for best Team in show;

b.            rule change for the reduction in the numbers of statuses by removing the Intermediate section.

Both of these points will be discussed in a consultation paper to be issued to the fancy in order to receive feedback in advance of a closing date of 1 September 2013 before the proposals are finalised.

Publicity officer for the BS,Richard Miller stated:

“The fact that these announcements were published immediately after the meetings had finished on the BS Facebook and Twitter pages (and subsequently in the BS Announcements section of the EBF) illustrates the commitment of the GC to move with the times and embrace immediate communication with the membership”.

Vice-Chair elect, Ghalib Al-Nasser commented:

“I am honoured to be elected by the GC to support the Chairman during these exciting times. The new classification is designed to incentivise exhibitors to bench more birds. By issuing a consultation paper, the fancy will soon let us know if we have got these decisions wrong”.

The March issue of the Budgerigar magazine will include an article setting out the reasoning behind recent changes to the BS structure.


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About the Author: Richard Miller is a champion breeder and exhibitor of budgerigars in partnership with his father Michael. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, Richard has bred budgerigars since he was 8 years old. The partnership attained the highest accolade within the fancy by winning Best in Show at the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show in 2006. Richard is a member of the General Council and the current Publicity Officer.

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  1. Wonderful move of the BS! Congratulations to all management and executive.

    In my opinion, very wise statement of Maurice Roberts and admiring point to go with 21st Century but without ‘skills’ not possible,redefine the goals of education or awareness or how to reform learning globally through technology.

    The role of EBF vitally significant in the innovative developement of the budgerigar hobby and emerging era.

    Ghalib Al-Nasser is not a name of person but an institute.

    On last friday shared my comments at Maarten Heylen facebook page he wrote “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” and i said “Failure an ‘opportunity’ to began again but to ‘act’ with rational mind or more intelligently”

    Nothing ‘wrong’ important is going toward worst?

    Listen to many, speak to a few.. W.Shakespeare,thank you Richard Miller for updating.

    Habib Ur Rehman,Pakistan

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