BS General Council Statement – October 2012

Statement from the General Council

Following a meeting of the GC on 28 September, the Budgerigar Society is now able to issue a statement in response to the rumours and exaggerations that have been circulating throughout the budgerigar world following the resignations of George Booth as Chairman and Dave Hislop as Vice Chairman.

The context of the situation that led to the resignation of George surrounds a decision that he made on an internal matter within the Society. Upon making the decision in question, he wrote to members of the GC informing them of the action that had been taken and invited their consultation in this regard. On receipt of one particular letter from a member of the GC, George issued his letter of resignation on the basis that he considered the correspondence in question to contain both an accusation of underhandedness and a veiled legal threat.

Following the dissemination of the letter of resignation, the consultee issued further correspondence to be circulated within the GC explaining that the initial letter was in no way written with the intention of making an accusation of underhandedness or conveying any form of legal threat against the former Chairman or the Society as a whole. It was therefore expressed that should the letter have been interpreted in this manner then the writer apologised profusely.

The recent GC meeting allowed the issue of George’s resignation and the surrounding matters to be discussed in full. George attended the meeting at the invitation of the President and acting Chairman of the Society in order to explain the circumstances surrounding his decision on the internal matter that eventually escalated towards him electing to stand down. Following a thorough discussion, the GC concluded that the matter had been fully aired and that there were certainly lessons to learn for the future. Before exiting the meeting, George accepted the apology from the member of the GC that he had taken issue with following his interpretation of some of the content written in response to his letter of consultation. Both parties then proceeded to shake hands agreeing to put the past behind them.

It is hoped that the above brings an end to the completely false and extremely damaging comments, which have been circulated by certain individuals since news of the situation broke. What should be clear is that the matter was grossly exaggerated by such individuals and in any event resolved by means of a thorough discussion and concluding hand shake.  It should also be emphasised that the resignation of Dave Hislop as Vice Chairman was on the basis of entirely personal reasons surrounding the death of his partner and much loved character of the fancy as well as his wife’s ongoing battle with ill health.

May the budgerigar fancy move forward and reflect on the many reasons why we are involved with our unique and wonderful hobby.


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About the Author: Richard Miller is a champion breeder and exhibitor of budgerigars in partnership with his father Michael. Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, Richard has bred budgerigars since he was 8 years old. The partnership attained the highest accolade within the fancy by winning Best in Show at the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show in 2006. Richard is a member of the General Council and the current Publicity Officer.

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