BS Club Show 2010 – Report

There is always something magical about the Budgerigar Society Club Show, renowned all over the world for benching the best budgerigars at any show, and the quality of the exhibits improves year after year.

It is for this reason that fanciers from all over the world make it a habit to attend this unique show.

This year was no exception when fanciers traveled from as far afield as Australia, Canada, Pakistan, USA and, from mainland Europe, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal & Switzerland to witness for themselves the quality of the birds benched.


Apart from the quality budgerigars at the show there is the seminar staged on the Saturday morning, always popular with many fanciers attending and this year one of our top breeders and exhibitors, Brian Sweeting, was the guest speaker.

There are also all the Budgerigar Society, area & specialist societies stands that give members the opportunity to pay for their following year’s subscriptions plus, of course, the array of trade stands and products that are available to fanciers to stock up for the breeding season.

One other important factor of this unique show is the social side, the friendships that are made, new and old, and the opportunity over the two days to meet and catch up with fellow fanciers that one only sees once a year. This is further enhanced by the dinner/dance on the Saturday evening.

The popular Auction of Promises on Sunday afternoon is followed by the grand finale of the two days when the President of the Society presents the wonderful array of 91 trophies to the winning exhibitors. Each part contributes to making this unique event a weekend not to be missed.

Behind the Scenes

A show of this magnitude doesn’t just happen!

The result is thanks to tremendous teamwork by a great many helpers.

It starts with the erecting of staging on Friday morning and ends when the last bit of staging is put away and everyone has gone home.

The people to thank are too numerous to mention but include the staging erectors and dismantlers, the managerial and secretarial staff, the club show committee, security, trophy, catering, seminar, tombola, door staff, stand co-ordinator, sales staff, stewards, in fact everyone who helped in any way.


South Midlands Budgerigar Society - Click to enlargeEach year there is a competition for Best Trade Stand and Best Area or Specialist Society Stand.

The winning Trade Stands were as follows:

  • 1st – Calcivet (The Birdcare Company)
  • 2nd – Aviary Hygiene (David W Van De Peer MBICSc)
  • 3rd – EMP (Donald Cooke Ltd)

The winning Best Areas or Specialist Society Stands were as follows:

  • 1st – South Midlands Budgerigar Society
  • 2nd – LABS (Lutino & Albino Breeders Society)
  • 3rd – CBBA (Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders’ Association)

This was the third successive year that the South Midlands BS won – they received £25 and a lovely engraved glass plaque.

Judges were the Society President Dave Herring, Chairman George Booth and overseas judge Dave Collier.


The task in hand for this year’s show fell upon a team of 15 judges which included the Budgerigar Society President, Dave Herring.

The remaining 14 judges were:

  • Alan Adams
  • Ghalib Al-Nasser
  • Jeff Attwood
  • Lyn Bancroft
  • Nigel Beevers
  • Jerry Donovan
  • Colin Lamb
  • Jim McGeehan
  • Geoff Moore
  • Norma Phillips
  • Tony Pope
  • Cy Thorne
  • Mick Widdowson

Every year the society invites an overseas judge and this year was no exception. However, although Dave Collier currently resides in the USA, he is actually a B.S. Judge, so it was meeting up with old friends for him at the weekend.

Accepting birds on the Saturday morning and starting judging a bit later proved to be quite popular with many exhibitors – and providing four extra judges to judge the sections while the colour judging was in progress worked extremely well this year.

The four extra judges were:

  • Dominic Avo
  • Ron Payne
  • Ray Steele
  • Terry Tuxford

These four have already been invited to judge the colours next year.

There were super quality budgerigars on display at this show and having gone through the selection by the colour judges, the 26 best of colour winners and their respective opposite sexes came forward to the final selection for the major awards.

The Budgerigar Society celebrated its 85th Anniversary this year, and each exhibitor benching 8 or more birds received a specially commissioned clock to mark the occasion, this was most appreciated by the exhibitors.

Best in Show

Les Martin ensured that his name be added to that long list in the Hall of Fame for winning the supreme award at this show when his Grey Green cock was initially judged Best Any Age in Show and went a step further by beating the young bird for the Supreme Best in Show.

Soon after Les was declared the winner, the crowd realised that the bird was that which won Best Young Bird at last year’s show.

It was a popular win as Les is a staunch supporter of the Budgerigar Society Club Show and his worthy winner was a bird that excelled in width of head and depth of mask with wonderful frontal rise and directional feathering, staged in immaculate condition.

Best Young Bird & Best Opposite Sex in Show

The Norwood Stud (Tony & Sandra) benched a wonderful Grey hen to capture the next prestigious award of Best Young Bird & Best Opposite Sex in Show.

This bird excelled in quality of width of face and shoulder with good length and staged in good condition.

Best Any Age Opposite Sex in Show

The partnership of Mick Freakley & Ian Ainley have featured regularly among the major winners’ listing since 2007.

This year they did it again when their adult Grey hen won Best Any Age Opposite Sex in Show. This was a massive hen with a wide head but was spoilt by a short tail.

Best Opposite Sex Young Bird

Last year’s Club Show winners, Paul & Dennis Spruce, teamed up with Keith Moorhouse to form the partnership of Moorhouse & Spruce and they won the Best Opposite Sex Young Bird with a lovely stylish and powerful Cinnamon Skyblue cock.

Champion Any Age

The Champion Any Age section was headed by the Best in Show and Les Martin captured the second spot with his Skyblue cock of similar quality as the supreme winner.

The Freakley & Ainley partnership was third with their massive Spangle Cinnamon Grey cock, large and bold shown in good feather condition.

The Grey hen of Freakley & Ainley was the Best Opposite Sex in this section.

Champion Young Bird

The first two places in the Champion Young Bird were occupied by hens of super quality.

First was the Norwood Stud’s Grey hen which was Best Young Bird in Show, followed By Richard & Michael Miller’s Yellowface hen of style with good depth of mask and colour.

Brian Sweeting benched an excellent Cobalt cock of good length in third place.

Intermediate Any Age

It was partnerships that occupied the first ten places in the Intermediate Any Age section and the Bowker family of Richard, John & Wayne headed that section with a Grey cock of good frontal rise followed by the Moorhouse & Spruce partnership with a Grey Green cock which was last year’s supreme winner. A massive bird with good frontal rise but was not in the condition that took him to the supreme last year.

The Brian Newton & Gary Shepherdson partnership was third with a Light Green cock of good head quality and large spots.

There were no hens placed in the top ten in this section.

Intermediate Young Bird

The Cinnamon Skyblue cock that was placed Best Young Bird Opposite Sex headed the Intermediate young Bird section for Moorhouse & Spruce followed by their Yellowface Cinnamon Grey cock of good style and size with lovely top end.

R & J & W Bowker were third with their challenge certificate winner, a Grey Green hen with exceptional head quality showing the “buffalo effect” and benched in good condition.

Novice Any Age

A Skyblue cock of Dave Brick headed the Novice Any Age section, a lovely bird with good face and staged in good condition.

Simon Roberts was second with a quality Grey Green cock followed by Richard Hooper’s Spangle Cinnamon Grey Green hen in third place. A good hen with good width of face and shoulder.

Novice Young Bird

Albert Jennings headed the Novice Young Bird section with a nice long Violet cock followed by Dave Brick’s powerful Cinnamon Grey cock in second place.

A Light Green cock of quality from Philip Pearce & Connor Pears was third.

A Grey hen from Liam & Simon Devaney was the best opposite sex in this section.

Beginner Any Age

The only exhibitors who managed to win both sections were Jim & Carol Huxley in the beginner section who had a good team to win many awards. Their any age winner was a Grey cock of good top end and mask staged in good condition. Their Spangle Blue cock was placed third best.

Separating the two was a nice Grey hen benched by Terry Price.

Beginner Young Bird

Jim & Carol Huxley headed the beginner young bird section with a lovely Spangle Blue hen of good width and size. This was followed by Ian Ward & Michelle Rogers Cinnamon Grey Green cock of good width and blow of cap spoiled only by one shadow spot.

James Theobald had a Yellowface cock in third place.

Best Junior in Show & Junior Any Age

It is always good to see competition in the junior section, the future of our hobby.

Connor Spruce won the any age section with a nice Grey Green cock and Best Junior in Show – while Gary Cameron won the next two places with a Spangle Blue cock and a Grey cock.

Junior Young Bird

The junior young bird section was won by Jack Hickton-Cragg with a Dominant Pied Blue cock.

This was followed by Erin Newall’s Grey Green cock.

Jordan Butcher was third with a Cinnamon Blue cock.


There was a total of 6 Teams benched in the team classes of 4 and 6 birds and Geoff Bowley won both classes and Best Team in Show with a team of six Albinos.

Any Age Challenge Certificate

Winners were:

  • K. Leedham – light green, cinnamon green
  • Norwood Stud – dark/olive green, rare variety
  • L. Martin – skyblue, grey green
  • B. Sweeting – cobalt/mauve/violet
  • P. Greenwood – grey
  • C. Bowman – opaline green
  • Main & Jenkins – opaline grey green
  • Moorhouse & Spruce – opaline blue
  • M & S Banks – opaline grey
  • J. Stainforth – cinnamon blue
  • T & A Luke – opaline cinnamon green, opaline cinnamon blue, any other colour
  • I. Fordham – lutino
  • D. Bowley – albino
  • R. Day – yellow-wing
  • R. Docherty – whitewing
  • Cheatley & Alcorn – crest
  • J. Grubb – spangle green
  • Freakley & Ainley – spangle blue
  • A & D Woan – dominant pied
  • C & D Jones – recessive pied
  • J. Nevin – yellowface

Certificates of Merit:

  • D. Brick – Novice
  • J & C Huxley – Beginner
  • C. Spruce – Junior

Young Bird Challenge Certificate

Winners were:

  • R. Allen – light green
  • P. White – dark/olive green
  • C & M Snell – skyblue
  • B. Sweeting – cobalt/mauve/violet, opaline blue, spangle blue
  • R & J & W Bowker – grey green
  • Norwood Stud – grey
  • M & T Rodgers – opaline green, opaline grey
  • Main & Jenkins – opaline grey green
  • Ward & Rogers – cinnamon green
  • Moorhouse & Spruce – cinnamon blue, yellowface
  • D. McKeown – opaline cinnamon green
  • T & A Luke – opaline cinnamon blue, any other colour
  • I. Fordham – lutino
  • A. Kelly – albino
  • Guppy & Barnes – yellow-wing
  • R. Day – whitewing
  • A. Brown – crest
  • J & C Huxley – spangle green
  • P. Hodgkins – dominant pied
  • M & M Chapman – recessive pied
  • Swain & Ford – rare variety

Certificates of Merit:

  • A. Jennings – Novice
  • J & C Huxley – Beginner
  • J. Hickton-Cragg – Junior

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About the Author: Janice Al-Nasser, a retired school headteacher, kept budgerigars since the mid 1970s but became a series breeder and joined the Budgerigar Society of G.B. in 1983. She is, with her husband Ghalib, heavily involved in the administration side of the hobby holding numerous key positions in many national and specialist societies including the Budgerigar Society General Council where she was the President in 2007. She has judged in 20 countries all over the world and has lectured at the B.S. Convention, American Grand National and the Australian National.

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