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Malcolm and Pam Freemantle’s introduction to budgerigars came in 1955 when Malcolm went to pick up Pam after work outside the Reading Pet Shop. Malc was late one day and Pam had her eye on a small monkey in the shop window. The compromise was a pair of budgerigars.

Malcolm joined the BS in 1959 and has been a full panel judge since the 1970s and is an Honorary Life Member of the Budgerigar Society.

During his time in the hobby Malcolm has always been involved with administration and was a founder member of the Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders Association and their Secretary / Treasurer for 30 years.

Although Pam had been more in the background in those early days, Clearwing fanciers around the country recognised Pam more easily than Malcolm although he was CBBA secretary. Pam manned the stand at the BS Club Show and took the subscriptions for the whole of the 30 years he was in office.

Over the years many different varieties have been kept starting off with Lutinos before moving on to Clearwings. Challenge Certificates have been won with Skyblues, Opalines and Pam’s favourite Yellowfaces, but, the main colour has always been Whitewings and Yellow-wings.

It would be true to say that they have been one of the top three Clearwing studs in the country since the early 1970’s.

Since their retirement Malc has had time to publish a book on Clearwings, “The Art of Breeding Clearwings”.


Inbreeding And Knowing When To Cull – Malcolm Freemantle UK

Inbreeding provides the small fancier with the necessary tools with which – when properly used – will put them on a par with larger and more comprehensive studs.