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Ian started keeping budgerigars in 1960 - at the time he was still a youngster living at home - and had previously kept a few pigeons, which his father disliked. Ian's father had earlier been a well known canary and British bird fancier and when Ian's pigeons failed to return home one day, his father very quickly presented him with a pair of budgerigars. For a year or two Ian kept mixed colours and bred them together in an aviary, but, on the advice of his father, he decided to specialise as he only had a very small birdroom. Perhaps the idea of keeping Lutinos came subconsciously from the fact that, as already mentioned, his father had previously kept canaries. However, Ian can remember in the early days being mesmerised by the quality of Miss Kirkby-Mason's birds. The senior members at his local Cage Bird Society at the time thought he was mad and told him that he would never be successful and win anything with Lutinos. His ambition was to form a stud of quality Lutinos and to one day win Best in Show at the BS World Show with one. Ian is now retired and, some 50 years later, is still trying!

Lutinos – Making a Start

Look on these birds as being like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – your job is to put these pieces together to make the finished article.