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Didier Mervilde is a leading Belgian Specialist in the Rare Varieties. He began the hobby in 1986 following a visit to Gerald Binks and later became a judge in his own right and a member of several of the main societies in his country and the WBO. He is a regular contributor and writer for many magazines including the German Wellensittich Magazin and Budgerigar World Magazine. He now also writes for .

Didier Mervilde – Breeding Rares

My name is Didier Mervilde, I was born in 1952 and live with my family in Aalter Belgium. I first became interested in budgerigars in 1965 and at that time I kept about 5 pairs in a mixed aviary. It was in 1986 that, after a visit to the aviary of Gerald Binks, I decided […]


Results – VGC International Open Show 2011

Results from the Flemish Budgerigar Club International Open Show 2011.


Mutations – Blackfaces & Mistys

Blackfaces and Mistys – Mutations from The Netherlands.