A Japanese Birdroom – Nobuyoshi Takenaka, Japan

Hyogo region of Japan

Hyogo region of Japan

Mr. Nobuyoshi Takenaka was born in 1959 and lives in Himeji City, Hyogo, Japan.

His first contact with budgerigars was while he was in junior-high school, when he was introduced to a hand tamed budgerigar named “Shiro” (Japanese for White).

This stimulated his interest in birds in general and he kept Love-birds, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Bengalese, Java sparrows, Zebra finches, Canaries etc.

English Budgerigars

While at college he discovered show-type Budgerigars, which were called “English Budgerigars” in Japan and this lead him into the hobby that he is passionate about today.

As Nobuyoshi says:

I started to breed English-type Show Budgerigars in 1978.

In those days, here in Japan, the studs of show-budgerigars were mainly from UK champion breeders – Roberts, Secombes, Ormerod, Moffat and Binks plus others.

In 1979, the first birds from Harry Bryan were introduced into Japan.

I was very interested in these quality birds and have bred the Bryan bloodline for almost 30 years.

However, as time went by, quality Harry Bryan birds were no longer available and so Nobuyoshi decided to breed Bryan bloodlines on a “closed colony” basis to intensify his stock.

Jo Mannes and Nobuyoshi Takenaka

Jo Mannes and Nobuyoshi Takenaka


Jo Mannes Budgerigars

More recently, Nobuyoshi has sought to get new blood to improve the quality of his birds and once again this has come from outside of Japan.

His search ended up with a meeting with Jo Mannes from Germany – and he has now visited Jo on four occasions: in February, April & August 2007, and September 2008.

During these visits he acquired a total of 60 quality birds.

Nobuyoshi says:

At the beginning of my search, I planned to introduce new blood into my Bryan bloodline.

However, following the visits to Jo Mannes and seeing real live birds from him, I decided it would take an enormous effort to rebuild my existing stud by crossing them with the Jo Mannes birds.

I tried to cross Bryan with Mannes in a few pairs, but they were not successful.

Nobuyoshi changed his plans and since 2008 has concentrated on building a stud of high class budgerigars based on 100% Jo Mannes bloodlines.

Nobuyoshi now keeps more than 200 Jo Mannes bloodline budgerigars in his birdroom.


All photographs below were kindly supplied to us by Nobuyoshi Takenaka.

Click on any image to enlarge it.



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About the Author:

Akira Ozaki is the current Chairman of the Japan High-Class Budgerigar Preserve Association. This association, established in 1962, is the oldest budgerigar club in Japan. They are mainly interested in the Japanese Colour Fancy and Japanese Crested budgerigars.

Akira hopes that the hobby world-wide will accept the field of Japanese Colour Fancy budgerigars in the same way as the Japanese crested. With these birds, they are not improving their size, which is the result of them adapting to the Japanese climate of very high humidity in the summer and of the preference of Japanese fanciers to the aesthetic appeal of these birds.

Akira also has more than 50% of his stud dedicated the European types of budgerigar.

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  1. Thank you for article Akira Ozaki and I am glad to see Nobuyoshi Takenaka’s budgerigars and setup.

    If you have any website of the association then please share.

    Wishing you all the best to all team breeders of Japan High-Class Budgerigar Preserve Association.

    Enjoy breeding budgerigars and please keep updating us.

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

  2. Akira Ozaki says:

    Thank you for interested in my article.
    I will tell you website my association.
    And Nobuyoshi Takenaka’s website of his blog. http://blog.livedoor.jp/p_bird/archives/2012-06.html.
    They are almost in Japanese.

    Akira Ozaki

  3. Dear Akira Ozaki

    Thank you very much for sharing Nobuyoshi Takennaka’s blog it’s in Japanese Language but happy to see the quality budgerigars again.

    I shall wait for website of the association and please take your time.

    Best Wishes

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

  4. Akira Ozaki says:

    Dear Habib Ur Rehman

    The website of our association is here:


    It’s mostly in Japanese.

    Akira Ozaki, Japan

  5. Dear Akira Ozaki

    Thank you very much for showing us your beautiful website.

    I enjoyed overall all the album and your events through magnificent photography – I also like the presentation.

    I salute all Japanese budgerigar breeders because you are working beyond imagination, specially in mutation like helicopter crest and after looking all images found that super international quality you have in your country.

    I will present your website in my next lecture or presentation here in Pakistan.

    Once again thanks to Gerald’s website for doing fine work as an ambassador in connecting all world breeders.

    Also thanks to International Editors Terry & Yvonne Tuxford.

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

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