Wild Budgerigars in Australia

These amazing photographs (see below) of indigenous wild budgerigars, which arrived on my desk from Betty Berry in Western Australia, were taken in December 2011. They were kindly redirected to me by Rubin Neskovski in Russia.

Mrs Berry states that her brother, who works for the local county health department, received these photos from a colleague while he was traveling in the area of The Billabong Roadhouse – located between Geraldton and Carnarvon in Western Australia.

They were taken when he spotted a flock of thousands of budgerigars on the wing, flying around a dam nearby.

He stopped and no sooner had he done so than good numbers descended on his car and also entered the car with the doors having been left open. The group of people with him also found the birds were landing on them as well!

It is interesting to realise they had no fear at all of humans in this case.

One has therefore to speculate why this was so.

What were they looking for? Was the dam dry and they were after water from anywhere – who knows?


Nevertheless, my thanks for these photos for the pleasure of our enthusiasts, but forgive me if I allow myself a bit of license by saying:

They could use a bit more width and buffalo effect or they might get out through our standard cage fronts.

That aside, a delight to see such photos in all seriousness.


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About the Author: Gerald Binks began breeding budgerigars when he was 12 years old and is now arguably the most knowledgeable budgerigar fancier in the world. He has bred his fair share of Best in Show birds, judged in no less than 20 countries, founded the World Budgerigar Association, and has published two of the three classic books on the hobby. His stud in the UK attracts fanciers from near and far and is always high on the list for those wishing to purchase BA23 quality budgerigars.

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  1. Cameron Browne says:


    Very nice photos.

    I would say they have no fear of humans as the population density of that region ranges from 1 to 0 people per square km.

    Cameron Browne, Sydney, Australia

  2. Roy Aplin says:

    Just read the article.

    The 4 photographs are amazing.

    Wonder if the birds thought the reflection from the car looked like water?

    Anyway, Lucy and I found it very interesting.

    Roy and Lucy Aplin, UK

  3. Thank you Betty for sharing these wonderful photos.

    I think one is a photography of Dr. Ross Perry.

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

  4. Mark Hawke says:

    This stunning video clip on YouTube shows millions of wild budgerigars at a water hole:


    Mark Hawke, Australia

  5. Sibylle Leon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures!

    I once heard from a friend in Australia that wild budgerigars are extremely shy and it’s hard to catch pictures of them.

    I’m trily amazed at these pictures!

    Sibylle Leon, Ireland

  6. Amazing video shared by Mark Hawke we can learn a lot through this clip especially village/remote area’s breeders and whose river water benefited from a full mineral source.

    Habib Ur Rehman,Pakistan

  7. Jess Lee says:

    What is interesting is the most of them seem to juvenile bird :)

    Great shots nonetheless…thanks for sharing!

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