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Budgerigar breeding in Japan started in the early 1900’s and we call this bird “SEKISEI INKO”, meaning “yellow backed green parrot”.


Tatuhiro Ozeki and Akira Ozaki


The Birdroom

Just like many other countries today we have two sides to the hobby. One is in pursuit of “Coloured Budgerigars” which focuses on clear colours and wing-marks and includes the “Japanese Crested”. These are all birds that are similar in size to the wild budgerigars.


The other is “Show Budgerigars”, which are called “English Budgerigars” or “Big sized Budgerigars”. The breeding history of this type of Budgerigars goes back about 40 years and is more intense.

ozeki_spangle_dominant_pied_yellow-face_opaline_sky_small ozeki_spangle_df_goldenface_opaline_grey_small

Needless to say, there are a lot of pet-birds as well.

Today, I would like to introduce one of the top breeders of “Show Budgerigars” in Japan and show you some of his birds through which I am sure you will recognise the quality of the Japanese “Show Budgerigars”.

ozeki_recessive_pied_yellowface_grey_small ozeki_grey_spangle_small

Mr. Tatsuhiro Ozeki was born in 1941 and has been breeding budgerigars since 1971. His bloodlines mainly consist of birds from Gerald S. Binks. Tatsuhiro’s aviary contains 32 breeding cages, 4 stock cages, 10 training cages, 2 flights. He keeps around 300 budgerigars consisting in particular of Spangle, Dominant Pied and Texas Clearbody.

ozeki_grey_dominant_pied_small ozeki_df_spangle_hen_small

Tatsuhiro Ozeki’s catchphrase is “IMAWO KOERU”, which means “improving quality all the time” (Editors note. Literal translation is “Go Over Now” so this is my interpretation on what Tatsuhiro means.)


Tatsuhiro’s long-time hope is to breed super-high-quality birds and he looks forward to breeding improved quality birds, each year.

ozaki_spangle_sky_hen_small oxeki_light_green_small


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About the Author:

Akira Ozaki is the current Chairman of the Japan High-Class Budgerigar Preserve Association. This association, established in 1962, is the oldest budgerigar club in Japan. They are mainly interested in the Japanese Colour Fancy and Japanese Crested budgerigars.

Akira hopes that the hobby world-wide will accept the field of Japanese Colour Fancy budgerigars in the same way as the Japanese crested. With these birds, they are not improving their size, which is the result of them adapting to the Japanese climate of very high humidity in the summer and of the preference of Japanese fanciers to the aesthetic appeal of these birds.

Akira also has more than 50% of his stud dedicated the European types of budgerigar.

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  1. Muazam Khan says:

    Hello Akira,

    I love budgerigers; mostly exhibition, crested and red eyes. Your birds are very beautiful. I do have different kinds of exhibition budgies.

    How i can get some special exhibition budgies?

    Thank you!
    Muazam Khan
    +92 051 0302 811 05 85

  2. SU says:

    Very Beautiful birdroom and good budgerigars.

  3. Do not worry Muazam Khan as the Northern Budgerigar Club Incorporated can help.


    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

  4. Akira Ozaki says:

    This is URL of Mr. Tatsuhiro Ozeki’HP;


    Akira Ozaki, Japan

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