The Passion – Part 3 – Bread & Honey

“Passion” is what you need as a beginner to succeed with budgerigars – if only this were true and life was so simple!

Let’s look at three other elements that play their part in successful budgerigar breeding.

3 – Money

MoneyYou are going to have to spend money and you won’t make any!

It is a hobby for most of us and if you get good at it you will be lucky to cover your costs. But who made any money out of a hobby? Some people spend a lot of money on their hobby and are never any good. They then give up because they don’t combine it with hard work and patience.

Good birds cost money

“You don’t breed rats from mice” as the late Harry Bryan used to say.

However, once you start to breed some good birds which people have seen at shows (and you can show their breeding from your records), opportunities will arise for you to do swaps.

People will also give or loan you birds on the understanding that you give them something back. You can do the same for them and you will on occasion be disappointed with what you are offered back, but others you will learn to trust and they will only trust you if you are generous back.

Trust Your Instinct

Finally, if you are sufficiently passionate, learn to trust your instinct and pursue what you fancy.

If on an aviary visit you see a bird you fancy go for it and persist. After all, it is no different from what you did when you met your partner. Don’t just drift into it and think you have got to buy it because that is what you came for.

In either case it ends not only in tears but also a waste of time and, of course, the all important money.


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About the Author: David Turner started breeding budgies in 1951. He gave up in 1960 when he went abroad to work. On retirement in 2001 he returned to the hobby and through his mentor, Bob Crisp from Bishops Stortford, got to know Gerald Binks. In 2010, David became an applicant to the Budgerigar Society Council.

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  1. Delia Smith says:

    What an excellent article by David Turner – The Passion – in three parts.

    May I add just a comment. Unless you are comfortable being considered as a bit of a “Weirdo” by those who do not understand either the hobby or in particular exhibiting budgerigars, then the ultimate success you seek cannot be acheived.

    But, as David pointed out, with the Passion intact, success can be yours.

    Good luck to all and may the best bird win!

    Delia E Smith
    United Kingdom

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