The Challenge

The Challenge - Breeding Championship Budgerigars“The Challenge” Breeding Championship Budgerigars, by Gerald S Binks and first published in November 1997, is the accepted finest book ever published on all aspects of the hobby. When it first appeared, 437 copies were snapped up at that year’s The Budgerigar Society World Championship Show alone. Since then some 3000 first editions have been sold. Now that first edition is out of print, second hand, signed copies in good condition, currently change hands at in excess of £240, when available.

Demand for a second edition soon built up again and Gerald responded by publishing the second edition in October 2006. This edition has been brought up to date since much has changed in feather structure and the desired show features that make up today’s top class showbird. This has been reflected in changes to the International “Ideal” Model depicted in full colour as well as over fifty new photographs to illustrate the best budgerigars in the world at the moment. Five more chapters have been added and all advertising by the best and keenest fanciers, worldwide, from whom to buy quality birds, has been completely revised. The cover of “The Challenge” has been changed to a terracotta colour to differentiate it from the first (dark green) edition. The quality and size is identical.

First edition purchasers would be advised to consider getting this second edition to bring themselves up to date.

Due to increases in printing costs and overheads, the price for this specialised second edition volume has been set at £47 (Pounds Sterling).

To date over 1500 copies of the second edition have been sold, which has established, beyond doubt, the popularity of The Challenge (which the hobby world wide now regards as “the bible” on this subject).

Reviews of The Challenge

“It will continue its reputation as the Standard Bearer for the hobby for years to come.”
Reinhard Molkentin, South Africa

“It is unlikely that you will find another publication as informative and helpful in furthering your knowledge and enjoyment of breeding and exhibiting budgerigars.”
Fred Sherman, South Africa

“It is a quality book with exceptional and in depth content.”
Nigel Tonkin, Australia

“This is without doubt the best book on budgerigars, superceding all before it. It is a must for all budgerigar fanciers to have as a comprehensive and current reference book.”
Ghalib Al-Nasser, UK

“I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of this, the most definitive work on budgerigars ever published – even those of you who already have a copy of the first edition. There is so much updated information, as well as photographs and breeder profiles to keep you busy for hours of enjoyable nonstop reading – and I know that you will not  find another budgerigar publication to rval this book.”
Warren J Wilson, Australia

“If ever a work deserved to be described as “encyclopaedic” this is it – The Challenge is totally comprehensive.”
Royston Simpson, UK

“Full of knowledge for all fanciers from beginner to champion status covering a vast variety of subjects. A must in every fancier’s library.”
Jack Hackshall, Australia

“I am unable to conceive another publication that could possibly provide better advice and guidance. The classic text for the breeder with the aim of breeding budgerigars of the highest possible quality.”
Fred Wright, UK

“The Challenge is a superb book that faniers can read time and time again and learn something new each time. This book should be made mandatory for all fanciers to read.”
Carol & Keith Gough, Australia

Readers’ Feedback

“Dear Mr. Binks,

I wanted to take the time to say a very heart felt thank you for writing the The Challenge. Since I have been reading it (almost daily on the ‘chick’ section), I was prepared when I realized that one of the chicks was having trouble getting out of the shell. I knew exactly what to look for and how to assist the chick properly thanks to your clear and concise writing; I am very happy to say that the chick has survived and is doing very well.

We’ve actually had four chicks out of six eggs (all were fertile) that survived and are doing very well. The first one she sat on after 10 hours and the last one I heard peeping from it the night before and then during the night it was stepped on either by the parents or one of the chicks – needless to say, that one was DIS. However, to have four very healthy chicks is just fine with me considering it is my first clutch to survive! I have only been breeding since November of 2008.

I am indebted to you for sharing your knowledge and helping me save a chick.”
VC, Washington, DC, U.S.A

“Dear Mr. Binks,

Many thanks for The Challenge book which arrived here speedily and safely.

And what a book!!

I was told it was very good, but it is really magnificent.

You have to be very proud of producing it and I feel certain Mr W. Watmough (Author of The Cult of The Budgerigar) would also have been impressed.”
Dr T.W.I. Lovel, Durham, UK

“Dear Mr. Binks,

I have received the book and I am studying it daily.

I must congratulate you on this masterpiece.

I salute you for all your efforts to take the fancy forward.”
Ben Fourie, Cape Town, South Africa

Purchasing The Challenge

Sales of “The Challenge” to all counties are managed directly by Gerald Binks. However, local distrubution agreements have been organised for purchasers buying from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada – buyers from these countries should use the Purchasing from Distributors section below.

Purchasing direct from Gerald Binks

1. Prices

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Prices are as follows and include postage and packing. Payment is accepted either by cheque (pounds sterling only) or by credit card.

  • UK Purchasers

    £47 plus postage and packing £7 — Total £54

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    £47 plus postage and packing £10 —Total £57

  • Worldwide Purchasers

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    £47 plus postage and packing via Airmail £18 — Total £65
    From experience, small quantities sent via surface mail are apt to get lost / stolen. Airmail is therefore our chosen delivery method.

2. Ordering

If you have an e-mail address, then the best option is to order using one of the quick forms on the contact page on this site.

If not, then you may also order via:

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3. Payment

For postal or telephone orders, we regret that we can only accept payment by cheque in pounds sterling. If you would prefer to pay by credit or debit card, then please order online here.

Cheques should be made payable to:

  • “G & J Binks”
4. Signature

All books will be signed unless specified otherwise. It is advisable that it is just signed not dedicated to preserve the book’s value. First editions are currently trading second hand at in excess of £240 if just signed and in good condition.


Purchasing from Distributors

Australia & New Zealand

All distribution for Australia & New Zealand is handled by ABK Publications. For full details on ordering, please see the ABK website – .

USA & Canada

All distribution for USA and Canada is handled by Fred Dibernado from his law offices in San Pedro, California.

Fred should be contacted on:

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Price is $80 plus postage and handling $20.  Total = $100

Checks must be made out to “Fred DiBernardo” and sent to his office:

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