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Jos Reynders & Daniel Lütolf on Feather Problems

Select wide and long feathers on the head region, but shorter feathers below the spot line on the wings and tails. Difficult, but not impossible. Attention must be paid to looking at all the primary, secondary and tail feathers when you are buying a bird and of course looking for developing cysts at the same time.


UK Budgerigar Quality

I have recently had several visitors from Europe, who apparently took the earlier view that the UK budgerigars had slipped behind the European qualities. They had also visited other leading breeders and had now reversed their former opinions completely, including their opinions while at my aviary.


Getting The Best from Your Stud

The desire to breed super exhibition budgerigars is the ambition of every fancier in every country. I am well aware of the fact that the Australian show scene and its structure and administration is different to the UK. That aside, we all have the same aim as it is the finest birds on display that we wish to breed and own for the simple reason of pride in having achieved something that money cannot buy.