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Didier Mervilde – Breeding Rares

My name is Didier Mervilde, I was born in 1952 and live with my family in Aalter Belgium. I first became interested in budgerigars in 1965 and at that time I kept about 5 pairs in a mixed aviary. It was in 1986 that, after a visit to the aviary of Gerald Binks, I decided […]


French Moult and Why You Get It

I am one of those breeders who believe in the old fashioned tried and tested methods of feeding. When it comes to feeding, it is THE vital factor to success. If it (the feeding) is out of balance by the smallest amount and by that I mean it is changed frequently and has an absence of essential vitamins to support the seed input, then failure will result in the number of chicks bred and FM will arise easily because YOU have allowed to do so!!