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UK Veterinary Surgeons Accused of Overcharging

UK veterinary surgeons (vets) have been accused of overcharging by up to 500% for some pet medicines! UK daily newspaper, the Daily Mail, has reported that a market research group, “The Best Organisation”, has accused UK vets of overcharging for pet medicine products that are available on the high street at up to 500% less! […]


Budgerigar Health Part 4 of 5 – Medicines

Budgerigars are particularly susceptible to environmental diseases that may cause catastrophic losses and illnesses that affect their wellness and ability to breed. Medicines are needed to cure and prevent these diseases such as coccidiosis, worms, lice and mites.


Budgerigar Health Part 3 of 5 – Self Diagnosis

For breeders, an ability to detect the first signs of an illness is essential as many budgerigar diseases are rapidly fatal with the best quality show birds often being the first to die. Changes in the behaviour or physical appearance of an individual bird may indicate the beginning of an illness or an inherent weakness. […]


Budgerigar Health Part 2 of 5 – Medicine Selection

Sick birds are given their best chance of being saved by adding an appropriate medicine into the ER/Quik Gel formula and administering it directly by crop needle.

At the same time, whilst waiting for the final outcome of veterinary tests, adding Quik Gel to the drinking water may temporarily protect healthy in-contact birds.