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GSB Q & A – Part 3 – Fanciers

There is little doubt that in modern times Jo Mannes has led the hobby in Europe as a skilled breeder and is totally focused on his work.


Gerald Binks – Andy Chick Interview – December 2008

When I started in November 1945 there were few birds around except in the pet shops and I knew nothing at all about show points or anything really. I was raw in the extreme. There were no Beginner Classes – you started in Novice and then went straight to Champion.


Chasing “Buffalos”

The Buffalo Effect (BE ) is created when a bird possesses great width above the cere before it sweeps upward but in no way downwards! Think of the buffalo horns. They are wide but then from the horn tips the horns dip downwards to well below eye level before suddenly going up again to join the head.