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Pairing Skills – Terry Tuxford UK

A skill which makes the difference between success and failure for the exhibitor.


Pairing Up Techniques

Techniques that experienced fanciers associate with the introduction of the individual partners to one another


Sawdust – and the Possible Dangers for Budgerigars

This may seem like a trifling subject to some – but it is so important. In my case, it has been a cause of concern as I have lost a few 100% fit adults – found dead on the breeding cage floor for no reason at all that I could fathom.


Budgerigar Health Part 1 of 5 – Emergency First Aid

The first response to failing health should be to isolate any sick bird(s) to a hospital cage. The hospital cage should be pre-heated to 25-30 degrees Celsius, possess a perch, fresh seed and have Quik Gel in the drinking water. The floor should be lined with clean paper so that the droppings can be clearly viewed.