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Attack, Attack, Attack

There are a few breeders who have woken up that they have to attack quality now or give up. That is why I have attacked that myself and built up a great depth of quality so that breeders know they have a good chance of getting something to improve what they have at home. There are few aviaries around with the quality depth – perhaps only 10 in total in the UK.


Basic Terminology

When a beginner first attends a Club Meeting or an Exhibition, he/she, sees or hears references to all manner of features, colours and descriptions applicable to the budgerigar which appear totally confusing. What are buffs? What are runners and for that matter what are splits?


A Budgerigar “Safari” Visit to Brian Sweeting

Last November, just prior to The Budgerigar Society Show in Doncaster, I decided to visit Brian Sweeting at his home in Bridgwater, Somerset. Arguably it is the best studs of pieds in the UK. I clearly remember seeing two magnificent pieds of his at the South Hampshire Show a few seasons ago; both massive birds […]