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Avian Malaria – Protecting Your Stud

Budgerigar breeders should adopt the same rigorous regimes to protect their birds as were used when H5N1 avian flu threatened.


Tails You Lose! – Part 2

Avian Polyomavirus (APV) infection, otherwise known as Budgerigar Fledging Disease, is the primary cause of tail feather loss although other factors are often involved. Budgerigar breeders recognise symptoms of APV in their birds as French Moult. Prevention is the only cure as there is no treatment for APV.


Dr Robert Marshall

Any fancier can easily find an emergency solution, via a step-by-step diagnosis of any sick bird, to see exactly the right course to follow and drug(s) to give.

Dr Marshall is also arranging for supplies of the relevant approved drugs to be available within the UK for distribution worldwide.


Concern over USA & Canada Seed Supplies – Rest of The World Please Note!

All livestock producers, including avian fanciers, are advised to “test” their grain for Mycotoxins (poisonous microfungi substances) for possible seed contamination.

The safest way to protect your budgerigars, is to add a propionic acid powder (such as Monoprop) when loading your seed bins.


Avian Influenza

In 1997, the first reports of a human death from avian influenza originating in the Far East appeared in the press. By 2003 it reached a more noticeable level.

This was attributed to a specific avian flu form in poultry which also occurs periodically in wild birds. The particular strain of avian flu involved is called the H5N1 variety and is pathogenic.


The Frustrations of Losing Birds

Any new purchase from an aviary that exhibits poor management with uncovered outside flights, can be supplying birds that are, even unknowingly, “carriers” of disease.