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Yellow Faced on the Show Bench

This presentation was put together by Nigel Tonkin and John Mulley after a lot of discussion, from fanciers internationally and within Australia, as to where or how the Yellow Face should be placed on the show bench. John did an initial simplistic presentation specifically for the Australian National Budgerigar Council to show where the Yellow […]


Photos & Results from 2010 Australian National

Photographs and results from the Australian National Budgerigar Council 36th Annual Show, which was held in May/June 2010 in Rockhampton in Queensland.


The Dicavalli Stud – Henry George

Henry George lives with his wife, Diane in a stunning area just north of Brisbane in Queensland. He is arguably one of Australia’s pre-eminent budgerigar breeders and his results at national level are second to none. For the record, Henry was the driving force to get 4500 birds into Australia from the UK so many years ago and the leader of the first syndicate.


Dr Robert Marshall

Any fancier can easily find an emergency solution, via a step-by-step diagnosis of any sick bird, to see exactly the right course to follow and drug(s) to give.

Dr Marshall is also arranging for supplies of the relevant approved drugs to be available within the UK for distribution worldwide.


Getting The Best from Your Stud

The desire to breed super exhibition budgerigars is the ambition of every fancier in every country. I am well aware of the fact that the Australian show scene and its structure and administration is different to the UK. That aside, we all have the same aim as it is the finest birds on display that we wish to breed and own for the simple reason of pride in having achieved something that money cannot buy.


The Frustrations of Losing Birds

Any new purchase from an aviary that exhibits poor management with uncovered outside flights, can be supplying birds that are, even unknowingly, “carriers” of disease.