No Flash Photography

Budgerigar Society has banned all flash photographyIt has been reported to, that the Budgerigar Society has banned all flash photography at all Budgerigar Society Patronage Shows with immediate effect.


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About the Author: Gerald Binks began breeding budgerigars when he was 12 years old and is now arguably the most knowledgeable budgerigar fancier in the world. He has bred his fair share of Best in Show birds, judged in no less than 20 countries, founded the World Budgerigar Association, and has published two of the three classic books on the hobby. His stud in the UK attracts fanciers from near and far and is always high on the list for those wishing to purchase BA23 quality budgerigars.

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  1. patrick duyck says:

    Great choice, flash photography isn’t necessary at all because they are too bright.

  2. This ban has been in force for some time now.

    In general, I agree with it.

    Too many people now have a flash camera and the Major winners seem to suffer most – the exhibits are there to be looked at, not poked by all and sundry just for a poor quality image.

  3. Alan Bundy says:

    As the official photographer for the Maryland Budgerigar Society in the USA, I have always thought that using flash photography isn’t necessary.

    I want a picture with a bird that is relaxed and I have noticed time and again, that flash photography only hinders your subject.

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