Budgerigar Society AGM – May 2011

The Budgerigar Society 2011 AGM Report

The Budgerigar Society held its AGM on 7th May with a difference. As part of a forward drive to meet the membership, the Budgerigar Society held the first of its two spring events at Woking, Surrey, in conjunction with a show, lectures and a Sales Day over two days duration. The AGM attracted a good attendance of 75 members from all the ten area societies which was the highest for many years. As last year there were no rule changes to consider so it was a straight forward meeting with the usual formalities of an AGM.

The outgoing President, Dave Herring, opened the meeting by welcoming all those who attended and thanked them for giving him the honour of being President of this great Society during the past 12 months which passed so quickly. He commented that he received many blessings during the year starting with his inauguration 12 months ago when many past presidents attended including his recent departed brother John. He reflected on his memorable term in office witnessing many ‘grass roots’ events which have hinted at signs of sturdy growth and how impressed he had been by the fervour of many newcomers to our wonderful fancy. The Budgerigar Society continues to stage remarkable events as the five yearly Conventions, the yearly Club Show and now- as a glorious finale to his year of office – this wonderful weekend at Woking.

The Chairman asked the meeting to observe a minute’s silence in memory of members who had passed away during the year and made special reference to John Herring and Derrick Bowley, both past presidents of the Society and to Alf Shaw past member of the General Council.

The Minutes of the 2010 AGM held on 9th May, had been published in the July/August issue of The Budgerigar. These were accepted by those who attended the last AGM, with no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

The Society’s Chairman, George Booth, had tabled an extensive report covering all the Society’s activities and decisions since the last AGM and members had the opportunity to read the report and ask questions; but no questions were raised.

The report highlighted the three main sources of income (subscriptions, ring sales and sponsorship) and expenditure (office, publications and general expenses).

The membership by the end of 2010 was 2777 which sadly reflected a drop of 44 from the 2009 figure; but 279 new members were recruited with 41 re-joining the Society. Although the fall in membership is slightly lower than previous years it is still a matter of concern for everyone connected with the Society. The Chairman informed members that the General Council is aware of the other attractions that more often than not demand far less commitment than keeping live stock which requires 24/7 commitment but we must find ways of making this wonderful hobby of ours even more attractive by ensuring that we have a friendly society putting away our personal differences that so often hinder the Society’s progress and we need to promote the fancy and not continually criticise it.

The Chairman also highlighted the success of last year’s Convention at Southport as well as the Club Show at Doncaster which were both superb weekends and a great credit to the Society and the many members who organised both events. The Chairman also informed members that the General Council has already decided on another Convention in 2015 to celebrate the Society’s 90th Anniversary.

The Chairman concluded his report by thanking the various officers of the Society and the General Council for working hard for the Society during the past 12 months.

New President

Dave Hislop & Dave HerringDave Herring handed over the very impressive Presidential Chain of Office to the new President Dave Hislop, a great worker for the fancy acting as show manager of the Club Show for so many years. Dave then presented Dave Herring with the past President’s chain.

Dave stated that he was honoured and privileged to be the President and thanked members for their good wishes during the life changing time that he and his wife are experiencing at the moment.

Vice President

Roy Aplin from Dorset was nominated by the General Council and, as there were no other nominations from the meeting, Roy was elected as the new Vice President and by the process of progression he will be the Society’s President in 2013. The new President presented the Vice President’s chain to Roy Aplin and also the President Elect’s chain to Maurice Roberts.

Silver Bird

The General Council in their meeting in April awarded the Silver Bird to Janice Al-Nasser for her meritorious services to the Budgerigar Society and the fancy in general.

Janice Al-Nasser and Dave HislopMaurice Roberts, Dave Hislop, Roy Aplin

Life Membership

In accordance with Rule 4(d), the following were confirmed as Life Members of the Society in recognition of 40 years unbroken membership:

  • Mrs J M Agar
  • Tom Agar
  • Mrs Peggy Andrews
  • Dennis Brown
  • Tony Hayes
  • John Maddy
  • Ron Menday
  • Robert Millan
  • Dave Newell
  • Jim Tulley
  • H P Webb

Under Society General Rule 4(e.i.) the General Council put forward two nominations, Geoff Capes and Pete Hutchinson, for Honorary Life Membership which the members approved unanimously.

Rates of Subscription & Joining Fee

It was announced that the General Council recommended that the rates of subscription be increased by 50p for 2012 to £25.00 for the single subscription, with the remaining subscriptions to be increased in line with General Rule 7. The joining fee to remain at £5. The proposal, when put to the vote, was carried by a majority. Auditors – these to be W. Osborne & Co.

2012 AGM

The Chairman informed the meeting that this AGM had been the first to be held away from the Budgerigar Society Office in Northampton for many years and the first to be held in conjunction with another event. It is hoped that this Woking Event will be followed by another event next year in the Northern part of the country, the date and venue of next year’s AGM will be published as soon as it is confirmed.


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About the Author: Janice Al-Nasser, a retired school headteacher, kept budgerigars since the mid 1970s but became a series breeder and joined the Budgerigar Society of G.B. in 1983. She is, with her husband Ghalib, heavily involved in the administration side of the hobby holding numerous key positions in many national and specialist societies including the Budgerigar Society General Council where she was the President in 2007. She has judged in 20 countries all over the world and has lectured at the B.S. Convention, American Grand National and the Australian National.

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