Breeders’ Directory

This Breeders’ Directory contains the world-wide names of the really enthusiastic and dedicated fanciers in the hobby. It is the first place ‘to visit’ for contacting a fancier you want to visit – from whom you might buy that special quality outcross.

All these fanciers who have taken the trouble to advertise, extend an open invitation to everyone (who is similarly addicted to Exhibition Budgerigars) to contact them. Hopefully you will benefit greatly in seeing these quality studs and at the same time form new friendships.

Fanciers, to add your details here, please complete my Breeders’ Directory Form. Please note: This directory is for your contact details only – not advertisements! To advertise on, please click here.


A & T Dunning Breeding Dilutes-Suffused, Clearwings, Dark Eyed Clears, Black Eyed Selfs, Albinos and Violets Adrian Dunning
4, Second Street
Port Pirie
S. A. 5540
Tel: 0429331513
Budgerisaurus Aviaries Breeder of most colours & varieties incl dark factors, violets & dusk factors. Open status breeder. Brian Turner
Tel: +61 249-662414
Camelle Lamb Open Breeder of Normals, Op Inos Spangles Cinn Dark Eyed Clears
Continental C/f Champion Grey Green 2010
Rep Sth Qld 2 Nationals Op in Tasmania, Lutino in Nth Qld
+61 7 55487674
David Bates Breeder of normals, cinnamons, opaline, spangles, double factor spangle, and just starting in clearwings and albinos.
Started in 2004 – currently open status
11 Macdougle Street
Victoria 3337
Tel: +61 3 9747 8572
Gary & Delores Armstrong ANBC Judge
ANBC National: 4 x 1st; 3 x 2nd; 3 x 3rd
Always striving to improve.
GDA WA ring code
T: +61 (0)8 9527 5565
Western Australia
Jane Adam Open Exhibitor. Dedicated to breeding exhibiton quality clearwings. Producer of budgerigar sculptures & art. NSW, Australia
Tel: +61 267-687949
Jeff Lloyd & Sons ANBC & WBO Judge
ANBC Nationals: 1st Place (3), 2nd (9), 3rd (1)
Normals, Lutinos, Clearbodies Violets, Dominant Pieds Greywings, Yellowface
Tel: +61 (0)8 9259 6110
Willetton, Western Australia
Ken Yorke Open breeder of 40+ years in Normal, Dilute, Ino, Clearwg, Greywg, Opaline, Fallow, Lacewg, Cinnamon, All Pieds, Dark Eyed Clear, Spangle, YF, Crest, Faded, Saddleback, Darkwg, Dusk and rares
McNeice & Prent A small quality stud based in the picturesque seaside village of Gerringong.
2 hour drive south of Sydney.
Yellowface Spangles & Normals based on Tonkin bloodlines.
Vistors welcome
Phil McNeice
PO Box 269
Gerringong NSW 2534
Tel: +61 (0)2 4234 0490
Mike & Rosalia Rafferty Open breeders of champion budgerigars.
Producers of budgerigar artwork.
Tel: +61 (0)8 82588936
Adelaide, South Australia
Peter Thurn Champion breeder
6 ANBC National wins (Albino-08, Txs Clbdy, Dom Pied & Fallow all 09, Txs Clbdy 2011 & 12)
Specialising in above varieties as well as Normals, Cinnamons, Opalines & Spangles
+61 (0)3 53674815
Bacchus Marsh (50kms west of Melbourne), Victoria.
Visitors always welcome by appointment.
Stephen Elliott Breeder of quality champion exhibition budgerigars
P.O.Box 1894
Trinrod Stud Rod & Trina Waddington have bred budgies for 20 years.
Specialists in Lacewings, Yellows and Whites
Many awards including 2009 nationals winner (a Lacewing yellow hen).
Tel: Tel: +61 (0)2 4936 1290
61 Abermain
St Pelaw Main
New South Wales
Wally Capper An open breeder and winner of 2 Australian National Champions
Friedrich Kreuzweger Champion breeder, exhibitor. Winner at innumerable shows. Visitors welcome by appointment. Tel: +43 664 2129496
Didier Mervilde Quality birds in Anthracite, Recessive Pied, Dominant Pied, Slate, Lacewing Kestelstraat 89 B
Tel: +32 9 3750147
Partnership Heylen Father – son partnership.
Quality budgerigars.
Oude Mechelsebaan 522
3201 Langdorp
Tel: 0032/479930089
Patrick Duyck I breed mostly the light blue and greens in normal and cinnamon.
Duyck Patrick
spaarenlaan 8
8553 otegem
Renato Uchoa Breeder for more than 40 years
Birds from several English breeders,
Jo Mannes & Daniel Lütolf
One of the top breders in Brazil
Tel: 51-18-36230715
Barry Skinner The Aviary where visitors are always welcome, but please call first. Barry Skinner
111 Gordon Drummond Ave
Stoney Creek,
Canada L8J 1E9
Tel: +1 905 561 9082
Bernie Hansen Quality budgerigars. Most colors bred.
Specialising in normal, spangle, pied, yellow face and golden face.
Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: +1 905 388 7159
Jeff Coles Champion breeder – most colours bred. Tel: +1 519-647-3591
John Zerafa Exhibition budgerigars since 1976
Mervyn & Myola Sequeira Champion breeder and exhibitor.
Best in Show “Canadian National” 2008 foundation stock from Gerald Binks.
1162 Glenridge Drive
L6M 2K7
Tel: +1 905 469 9705
Hans Christian Östergaard I breed near all colours – super quality birds with directional front feather. Exports can be arranged.
Over 40 years of experience – English spoken.
John Rasmussen Breeding budgerigars since 1960 (R12)
Ahmed Slem English budgerigar breeder
Bahy Magdy Breeding crested and exhibition budgerigars with most of color mutations
Dr. Yasser Hamdy Breeder of crested budgerigars
Tel: +20 100-999-1673
Moheb Nabil Breeder of English budgerigars,crested budgerigars,lacewings, spangles and dominant pied s Moheb Nabil (Cairo, Egypt)
Tel: +20 2 0123276812
Mostafa Zakaria Breeder of crested and english budgerigars
Raphael Terra Breeding most colours
Carsten Daume Breeder of quality normals, Australian dom pieds, Spangles, Yellow faces & Dk Factors.
My breeding is the basis of birds from: Werner Kuhn, Jo Mannes, Holger Kehrer and Heinz Küppers
Carsten Daume
Zum Hessenholz 3
D-37115 Duderstadt
Tel: +49-5527-979005
Florian Böck Linebred directional feathering English spoken
Contact via e-mail or phone
Tel: +49-15122702100
Frank Klüsener Head quality counts!
Top champion budgerigars, especially texas clearbodies.
Breeders are always welcome by appointment.
English spoken
Wiedel 15, D-48565 Steinfurt
Helmut Klüsener Champion breeder, exhibitor and judge
Winner at innumerable shows.
Visitors welcome by appointment.
Helmut Klüsener
Lindentrup 8
59387 Ascheberg
Tel: +49 (0)2593 1685
Martin Stieglmaier Breeder of quality normals, opalines, cinnamons, lutinos, yellow- and white-wings.
Speciality: Crests
Winner best crest in show Europachampionat Karlsruhe 2008, 2009 and Kassel 2008, 2009
Martin Stieglmaier
91154 Roth
Tel: +49 (0)176 2196 3560
Ralph Jenne German Champion Breeder
Best in Show Europachampionat 2000, 2001 & 2006
Visitors always welcome!
Tel: +49-7664-59399
Etzmattenstrae 37
D-79112 Freiburg
Amit Srivastav Beginner breeder of Dominant Pieds, Opaline and normal green and blue ones.
Tel: +91 9703-675342 (10 AM to 10 PM IST)
Gopal Krishnan Breeder of spangles and also specialise in opalines and sky blues
Mr Fardeen Patel The Aviary where visitors are always welcome, but please call first. +91 9869-860786
Priyank Dhami Beginner breeder, breeding quality budgerigars. Specialising in normals, spangles, pieds, yellow faces and oplines Priyank Dhami
Tel: +91 9737-001472 (10 AM to 10 PM IST)
Pushpendra Singh Rathore Beginner breeder, breeding quality normals, opalines, cinnamons, greys & spangles. Pushpendra Singh
Tel: +91 9672-924365 (10 AM to 10 PM IST)
Emerald Budgerigars One of Ireland’s top studs.
Winners 2008 & 2009 All Ireland Championships.
Birds always available at sensible prices.
Bloodlines: Lutolf , Molkentin, Mannes, H&M
Eileen O’Hanlon
County Monaghan,
Tel : 00353 (0) 42 9741808 or
00353 (0) 87 3228790
Gerard Lanigan I am a novice exhibitor, who has bred budgerigars for over thirty years. I had an enforced break, but re started in 2002 Kilkenny,
County Kilkenny,
Jos Reynders Champion breeder of top quality budgerigars,based on top european lines (Lutolf) now creating my own future ideal.
Visitors welcome by appointment.
Tel: +353 (0)83 4050347
Giorgio Perugini Breeding since 1994
Spangles,Yellow Faced Normals
NP37 – The Ring of Passion
Tel: +39 338 1668809
Rome, Via Francesco Posterla 17 00156
Atsuhiko Shibata Breeder of top quality “Japanese crested” budgerigars or “Hagoromo” as they are called in Japan. Shibata bird breeding & research
Obu, Aichi, Japan.
Tel: +81-90-8550-6010
New Zealand
Darryl Cleland Champion Breeder Normals,Opals, Spangles and Inos 87 No 1 line
Palmerston North
New Zealand
N & J & J Walker The reputable and successful stud, since 1974.
National & International Judge.
Orders taken upon request
Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand
Tel: +64 4-526-3669
Robyn & Tony Grinter Breeding most colours normals and opalines including a few spangles, dominant pieds & lutinos 94 Lake Crescent
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand
T: +64-7-849-4686
M: +64-2-723-78530 (RG)
M: +64-2-743-02800 (TG)
Abaid Ur Rehman Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars Abaid Ur Rehman
Tel: +92-333-4626171
Ali Hassan Kept budgerigars for 25+ years. Breeder of exhibition budgerigars since 2008. Bloodline of Mr. Gerd Bleicher Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-300-8239932
Bader Nouman I am a novice breeder of exhibition budgerigars and want to learn lot about them. Tel: +92-333-5428893
Daniyal Ghazanfar I am a newcomer in this field. At the moment I am breeding crested budgerigar in exhibition size from top English bloodline birds. Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: +92-321-7560622
Fawad Siddiq Breeder and exhibitor of high class exhibition budgerigars: lutinos, albinos and DF spangles (yellow/white), cinnamons, spangles, lacewings and texas clearbodies. Available at sensible price Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92 301-3637059
Habib-Ur-Rehman Sherani Breeder of Quality Exhibition Budgerigars Southern Region
Anthracite & rare.
Tel: +92-312-9201119
Javed Khaanzada Champion breeder.
Stud based on Gerald Binks, Jo Mannes and Daniel Lutolf bloodlines.
Specialised in normals, opalines and opalines cinnamons.
Tel: +92-346-9222888
Mobassir Sattar Khan Website contains information of my budgerigars stud, cheap web solution for fanciers and general information for budgerigar breeders.
Tel: +92-321-4223440
Muhammad Awais Keen breeder of Exhibition Budgerigars .Developing quality birds from top English bloodlines.
Tel: +92-300-4179622
Nasir Khan Breeder of top quality exhibition budgerigars based on uk champion top bloodlines: Sweeting, Al Nasser and Binks Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-341-7333337
Naveed Ali I am a new fancier focused on producing quality English Budgerigars in Karachi and extending the hobby in my local city.
Tel: 92-321-8705124
Tahir Maqsood Breeder of normals, cinnamons, grey opalines, spangles, double factor spangles, cresteds and just starting in lutinos and albinos Lahore, Pakistan
Usaid Ahmed Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars since 2007 Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-321-7297172
Zohaib Ayub Breeder and exhibitor of high class exhibition budgerigars from the best European and UK bloodlines.
Tel: +92-333-4503330
Alexander Cuenca Breeding all varieties, but mostly Texas Clearbodies, Spangles and Normals. Number 9
13th Avenue
Quezon City
Philippines 1109
T: +63 2 437 1885
M: +63 927 970 3056
Josan Catalin Breeder of Green & Blue series Normals and Opalines.
A developing stud based on quality birds from UK & Ireland.
Tel: +40 724 524 857
Bruno Cebulj Exhibition budgerigar breeder in Slovenia.
Stud is based on birds from Jo Mannes, Florian Bock, Ralph Jenne, Daniel Lutolf and other top breeders.
Bruno Cebulj
Krvavka cesta 8 – 10
4207 Cerklje
Tel: + 386 (0)51 366 592
South Africa
Deon Davie Champion Breeder of almost all varieties.
Birds available from time to time.
Tel: +27-11-7606095
Tel: +27-82-3777686
Molkentin Stud Reinhard & Holger Molkentin
Champion breeder for 50 years
200 breeding pairs – breeding most colours
Visitors welcome by appointment
+27 12 8115137 – Reinhard
+27 12 8115059 – Holger
Pretoria East
30 minutes from Jo’burg airport
Saseka Aviaries Beginner breeder of high quality, Normals, Spangles, Yellow Face & Pieds

100% Molkentin bloodline.
Visitors welcome by appointment.

Michael Borcherds
Bedwell Budgies Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars.
Visitors always made welcome with a cuppa and a chat about budgerigars.
Enrique Sanchez Breeder of crested budgerigars Tel: +34 699 463 892
Ciudad Real
Jose Cebria I breed normals, australian pieds and recessive pieds.
Visitors are welcome.
Lino Perez Breeder of English Show budgerigars
Visitors are welcome by appointment
Lluis Palomes I breed some normals, cinnamon, spangle, lacewing and texas clearbody.
Visitors are welcome
Miguel Agra Breeding exhibition budgies
Pedro Egea Breeder of mainly English budgerigars – dominant pieds.
Salvador Riambau In my stud I raise “periquitos” (budgerigars) from the blue and green series, normals, some spangles, cinnamons, inos, opalines, greywings, yellow faces and diluted..
Giger & Waser Breeder of quality champion exhibition budgerigars
Visitors always welcome!
Armin Giger
Tel: +41 79 242 1486
Ekachai Wanalaiad Breeder of quality Lutino, Albino and DF Spangle (Yellow/White) from UK, Germany & Switzerland.
Visitors always welcome
63/5 Moo 10 Soi Ruamsuk, Bangkhuntien, Jomthong, Bangkok 10150, Thailand
Promtheva Smarnchai Breeder in Thailand – Jo Mannes & Daniel Lutolf blood stock.
Also birds with local bloodstock such as Kalamung .etc
Bangkok, Thailand
Alpay Bilir Breeder of English Show budgerigars and crested budgerigars. National TKKKF judge. Tel: +90 532 343 27 41
Aydin Tosyalioglu Breeder and exhibitor of quality exhibition budgerigars. Breeder of normals, spangles, dark factors and cinnamons.
Tel: +90 532 277 54 34
Bilal Erdem Budgerigar breeder and national judge
Tel: +90 266 712 30 06 or +90 541 712 30 06
Bandirma, Balikesir, Turkey
Selahattin Guclu Budgerigar breeder and national judge
Tel: +90 212 679 52 07 or +90 532 466 91 92
Fatih, Istanbul
Sergey Ustenko Breeder of exhibition budgerigars including: normals, opalines, cinnamons, spangles, yellowfaces Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: +380 66 575 01 08
United Kingdom
Alan Haynes Champion Breeder / Exhibitor.
Top bloodlines – Binks, Ruthven, Sweeting.
Birds available at sensible prices.
Visitors welcome by appointment.
Tel: 01480 392588
Alister Easdon Champion Breeder & Exhibitor
Consistent winner all shows including BS club show.
10 mins form M8 & Glasgow Airport
Tel: 0141 8873729
Andy Bailey Beginner breeder of exhibition budgerigars – mainly Spangles.
Based in Newton Abbot (south Devon)
Andy Hind Breeder and exhibitor of high class exhibition budgerigars from the best European and UK bloodlines. Tel: 01606 593415
Mob: 07554177018
Anne & Bob Whattam Best in Show B S Club Show 2001.
Useful outcross birds available for all fanciers from our line bred stud, over last 30 years.
We welcome callers by appointment.
The Aviary,
1 Arkwright Road,
Milton Ernest,
MK44 1SE
Tel: 01234 824280
Barrie Shutt A champion breeder of Dominant Pieds , Spangles and Dark Factors.
Bill Peacock Breeder and exhibitor of quality lightgreens and greygreens.
Billy & Kim Aitken A small champion stud specialising in clearbodies and lacewings. Visitors welcome, please phone first.
Tel: +44 (0)1324 875830
Falkirk, Scotland
Carl Meek Brighton Budgies – breeder in Brighton, Sussex, UK. Please see contact details on
Chrissy Morgan CPS1 Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars.
Visitors always made welcome with a nice coffee and a chat.
+44 (0)7915 161134
CMF1 Stud Breeder of Lutino and Albinos in Maidstone Kent.
Best Albino Young Bird Club Show Winner 2009
Chris Fuller
Tel: +44 (0)7941 156 399
Colin Balfour Breeder of most colours in Normal,Opaline and Spangle Call or Text : +44 (0)7809 123927
Colin Williams Breeder of Normals, Cinnamons, Spangles & Lutinos. Also Clear-Wing Intermediate Exhibitor of the year 2008 & 2009.
Visitors welcome – sensible prices.
Tel: +44 (0)1736 753711
David A Turner Novice Breeder, 3rd Novice Breeder 2008 Buckton’s Breeders of the year.
Member of the Budgerigar Society 1954 -60, 2002 to present.
Normals, Spangles, Lutinos and Texas Clearbodies.
David Coles Breeder and exhibitor of quality birds from top UK and European bloodlines.
Tel: +44 (0)141 578 7040
East Dunbartonshire
David Tutty Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars in mainstream varieties.
Birds usually for sale at very reasonable prices.
Visitors always welcome.
David Tutty
1,Tyes Corner
IP13 7PQ
Tel: +44 (0)1728 627 986
Eric Littlehales Green & Blue series, Nor, Cin,& Op. Dom Pieds and Spangles
Tel: +44 (0)1305 772 718
Weymouth, Dorset
Gareth Simmons Exhibition budgerigar breeder.
Birds normally available from Shutt & Carter bloodlines.
Based in Ashford, Kent.
Tel: +44 (0)1233 663482
Gavin Carter Champion breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars in mainstream varieties. Birds usually for sale at very reasonable prices. BIS @ BS Millenium Convention. Visitors always welcome by appointment
Tel: +44 (0)1323 502252
Geoff Capes I have been a member of the Budgerigar Fancy for over 40yrs – won many major awards. Always worth a visit. Most colours kept – specialising in recessive pieds. Please visit for contact details.
George Jenkins Champion breeder,started in 1952, with a small select stud.
Please phone for an appointment, to view.
Tel: +44 (0)1905 – 355553
Hirst & Jankowski Exhibition crested budgerigars from a CC winning stud.
Visitors welcome
Tel: +44 (0)7775 250163 or +44 (0)117 9530762
Honor Dickie Novice Breeder
Visitors welcome, please call first
Tel: +44 (0)131 467 9987
Ian Yeats Myself and my wife are now intermediate breeders and have done very well with our dominant pieds Coatbridge, Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1236 768615
James Theobald Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars in Normal, Cinnamon, Pied & Spangle.
Visitors very welcome but please phone first.
Tel: +44 (0)1603 439405
Joe Stainforth Champion breeder and exhibitor of quality budgerigars
+44 (0)1482 649886
John Gorrell Breeder and exhibitor of quality exhibition budgerigars (G3225) Tel: +44 (0)1344 482 683 or
+44 (0)7989 664 248
John H Woods World Champion budgie breeder and exhibitor (W3001).
Wins include BS club show.
Quality birds for sale by appointment
+44 (0)1768 372343
Home Farm
Kirkby Stephen
CA17 4AP
John Wanless Budgerigar breeder & exhibitor. 3rd year beginner specialising in Lutinos & Albinos.
Julie Jenkins Good quality pet budgies bred in immaculate bird room. (J2985) Ormskirk, UK
Tel: +44 (0)7901 6908970
Kevin Brady Beginner Breeder Tel: +44 (0)1236 724 144
10 Lansdowne Drive
G68 0JB
Liam & Simon Devaney Father & son novice partnership
Visitors welcome by appointment
5 Sibsey Court
Great Coates
North East Lincolnshire
DN37 9FD
Tel: 07711-431211
M & A Beesley We are a West Midlands based Champion father and son partnership that has been involved in birdkeeping since the 1950s.
We keep all of the mainstream varieties of budgerigars.
Andy Beesley: +44 (0)7836 611054
Marshall & Shotton Lee Marshall and Derek Shotton
Champion budgerigar breeders winning CC’s at all levels. Most colours and varieties kept including redeyes and clearwings.
Based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear.
Tel: +44 191 4542150 or +44 7715 161068
Maurice Laker Breeder of quality exhibition budgerigars.
Visitors very welcome but please phone first.
Tel: +44 (0)1775 822463
Mel Thomson Most colours bred, pets and exhibition bred birds.
Very reasonable prices
Tel: +44 (0)1224-713186
Aberdeen, Scotland
Mick Widdowson Champion breeder & exhibitor of normals, spangles, dark factors and top quality crests.
Visitors welcome please call first.
Tel: +44 1754 763193 or +44 7766 741680
Mike Ball Intermediate breeder in Surrey, 30 minutes from Heathrow and 1 hour from Gatwick. Bloodlines based on Binks, Molkentin, Lutolf & Huxley and Marchant.
Tel: +44 (0)1252 794772
Neil & Chris Cannon A father & son partnership breeding & exhibiting most major colours.
Also Bucktons Seed agents
Nigel Darley 1st year Champion 2010
Many best in sections & CC’s at Beginner, Novice & Inter.
Euro & S/A blood introduced in 2009
Sec. Bucks & Berks BA
Visitors welcome
+44 (0)118 981 2579
Owain Price Breeder of top quality birds – all colours and all mutations bred each year.
South Wales, UK
Paul & Nicki Stannard Highly successful breeders of champion exhibition budgerigars.
Wins at all levels inc BS World Show.
Birds available all year
Tel: +44 (0)1568 797665 or +44 (0)7976 850735
Paul & Cath O’Connor Breeders of both exhibition and pet type budgerigars in the Gwent (south Wales) area
T: +44-(0)1633-771 487
M: +44 (0)7747-720 616
Peter Christmas Breeder of exhibition budgerigars most colours bred.
Birds sometimes available bred from John Crooks & Sheila Burne bloodline and Binks line.
M: +44 (0)7967 896 930
Phil White Successful champion breeder of exhibition budgerigars. Most mainstream colours plus melanistic spangles Tel: +44 (0)115 9203774
R & M Miller   Richard Miller
Orchard End
Grange Gardens
Tel: 016973 44139 or 07740 782816
Robert Nawarauckas Intermediate breeder of real quality budgerigars.
Visual depth of Blue series Normals and Spangles.
“RN1″ now consistently among the winners in Scotland.
Visitors always welcome.
Roy Wilson Based in Ayr (south west Scotland)
ROY1 – Small stud which competes well in Scotland – a consistent CC winner.
Champion Breeder with a soft spot for Opalines!
Call or Text : +44 (0)7707 589179
Visitors welcome – but please contact first.
Stephen Carter Platinum Budgie. Master of the whitie.
Bobs Est,
Ocean Rd,
South Shields,
Steve Hendon 3rd year beginner
Tel: +44 (0)1952 406091
Sunnybudgerigars – Kev Jones Exhibition budgerigars from top English & European bloodlines all colours and all varieties. 9 Queenswalk
Lyme Regis
Tel: +44 (0)1297 442115
The Cragstud – Kev & Jo Addison North Yorkshire stud of line bred birds from top studs in the U.K.
Working to improve each year and form a strong foundation for the future.
Visitors are always welcome – please email first.
The RQW3 Partnership Champion breeders, exhibitors and suppliers of top quality stock bred from top blood lines.
All normal colours bred plus red eyes and some rares.
Bob Watson, Tel: +44 (0)1592 769867 E:
Bob Quigley, Tel: +44 (0)7879 674159
Tom & Andrew Luke Champion budgerigar breeders
Wins at all levels, over 300 CC’s won in the last 8 show seasons
Father and son partnership
Tel: +44 (0)1772 862464
Tom Wood Beginner breeder.
Bloodlines of R&M Miller & J Alcock.
Second best beginner twice out of two attempts at the world show in 2006 & 2009.
Also a Bucktons stockist.
68 Little Lane
Tel: +44 (0)1772 784504 or +44 (0)7875 445249
Tony & Jem Rivers Best beginner at 2009 world show. Lutinos and Clearwings.
22 Mayda Close, Halstead, Essex, CO9 1EQ
Tony Cash Breeder and exhibitor of quality exhibition budgerigars (C972) Tel: +44 (0)1329 231 554 or
+44 (0)7515 166 637
Tregenza Bond Breeding We are an enthusiastic family breeding team. We currently breed normals, clearwings, cinnamons and albinos. Keri & Simon Tregenza-Bond
United States of America
Dan Roth Shady Oaks Aviary Breeding most colors, specializing in dark factors, recessive pieds, violets, and spangles. +1 864-277-9169
Piedmont, South Carolina.
Henry Timmes BAA judge and champion breeder of top quality budgerigars.
Specializing in Normals, Greens, Skys, Cinnamons, Whites & Yellows.
Tel: +1 954 475 2090
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Visitors welcome by appointment
John Miles American Budgerigar Society 1st Vice President, Judge & Classifier, Champion Breeder
Tel: +1 818-241-6746
Southern California
Leon Saad Champion Breeder; ABS Judge and Classifier. Strength in Normals; Dark Factor & Violets; Redeyes; Australian Pieds; Easley Clearbodies.
San Diego, California
Tel: +1 619-230-8529
Midwest Aviary My bloodlines are Whitham / DiBernardo, Molkentin / Sacks
Thomas w Traxler Jr.
P.O.Box 1
Rick Spier & Sherrill Capi Breeding exhibition budgies in Florida with a focus on clearwings Tel: +1 954-680-0836 Rick or +1 954-491-3568 Sherrill
Softwinds Aviary Stud based on Binks and Lutolf lines. Larry Moore
Tel: 1-828-754-2480
Call between 10:00 am & 10:00 pm
Sunshine Aviary Champion breeder & exhibitor.
Visitors welcome by appointment.
John LaBorda
3923 Chiquita Blvd South
Cape Coral, Florida 33914 USA
Tel: +1 239 898 8968
Terry Travis Champion breeder of budgerigars
ABS judge of USA and chairman of the judges panel
Tel: +1 760 726 1735
San Diego California