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Bird Flu Alert In The UK – UPDATE

The Budgerigar Society is delighted to announce that DEFRA have lifted the restrictions which were in place following the case of Avian Flu in the Preston area last month. We thank all members in the affected area for their co-operation and patience in the circumstances.  



We have been informed that an outbreak of H7N7 Bird Flu has been confirmed at a poultry farm in Goosnargh, Preston, Lancashire. A six-mile surveillance zone and three-mile protection zone have been put in place around the farm to stop the “highly pathogenic” case from spreading.

In order to assist DEFRA we would urge all keepers of Budgerigars including members of the Budgerigar Society living within these zones to respect the DEFRA guidelines and NOT move any of their birds. This means that any affected member will therefore be unable to exhibit their birds at any show until the restrictions are lifted.

Further,  if a show venue is within the 6 mile radius of the outbreak then the show will unable to be held until the restrictions are lifted.

For any clarification please contact the Budgerigar Society Administrator on 01828 633030.