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Budgerigar articles are the lifeblood of, generating discussion among fanciers and helping to develop the hobby world-wide. therefore warmly welcomes articles from those in the hobby to be published on the site.

Articles can be submitted by ANY reader of – you can be a total beginner or veteran world champion budgie breeder – as long as the article is budgerigar-related and will be of interest to our readers, then consider yourself a potential contributor! therefore urges you to get writing – and send us your compositions.

In order to increase your chances of publication, please read the following sections describing the what, how, when etc. .


Writing an Article

  • Your article should be between 700 and 1500 words in length
  • The preferred language is English, although we are able to translate most other non-scripted languages
  • Your article should be on a topic that helps and / or informs the budgerigar hobby – e.g. it should not just be about your product or service
  • Please give the article a title and (optionally) send illustrative materials – e.g. sharp digital photos, or sharp colour or black & white prints can be sent via e-mail or by post as appropriate
  • Please also supply a mini-biography (i.e. a few sentences) and photo of yourself (colour or black and white – format as above) – these will appear beneath your article in the “About the Author” paragraph.
  • Your article should be written using one of the following methods:
    • Microsoft Word (i.e. “.doc” and “.docx” file formats)
    • A text editor (i.e. “.txt” or “.rtf” file formats)
    • Inside the body of the email you send
    • Web Page (i.e. “.htm” or “.asp” or “.php” file formats etc.)
    • Adobe PDF (i.e. “.pdf” file format)
  • Please note: Articles written in Microsoft Works or using Apple Mac file formats may not be compatible – so please check that your article is fully readable on a PC prior to submission.
  • If you have any queries regarding the above, please email us at the address below

Article Terms & Conditions

  • All articles must be unique.
  • Copyright becomes the property of and the author.
  • The article may not be reproduced in any associated magazine, worldwide, without the approval of both parties.
  • Articles published on the site are open to all visitors for comments (approved by, which are published beneath the article concerned.
  • Under no circumstances will provide payment for articles.
  • reserve the right to:
    • decide whether an article is to be published on the site or not
    • decide under which category (or categories) the article will be published
    • edit your article
    • remove or move your article on our website at any time without notice

Send us Your Article

Once you have written your article, please e-mail it (along with the supporting images & mini-biography) to us at the following address:


If you wish you can post your article (along with the supporting images, mini-biography and contact information) to:

    Terry & Yvonne Tuxford
    145 Western Way
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    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)1256 328898

Upon receipt, we will review your article and contact you regarding its publication as soon as possible.