AZ – DWV National Show 23/24 November 2013 – Norbert Kirstein

AZ – DWV National Show 23/24.11.2013
National Champion  1,0 Gray Jürgen Scheuermann
National Champion Oposite  0,1 Op. Cinnamon Greygreen Ralph Jenne
Best Young Bird  1,0 Gray J. Scheuermann
Best Young Bird Oposite  0,1 Cinnamon Greygreen R. Jenne
Best adult Bird  1,0 Ligth Blue Florian Böck
Best adult Bird Oposite  0,1 Op. Cinnamon Greygreen R. Jenne
National Champion Youth  1,0 Cinnamon Grey Luis – Emil Dietrich
Best Overall F. Böck
Federal Group Winners
Light Green  1,0 Ligth Green A. Conrades
Light Blue  1,0 Ligth Blue F. Böck
Gray Green  1,0 Grey Green H. Kehrer
Gray  1,0 Grey J. Scheuermann
Dark Colors  1,0 Dark Blue J. Scheuermann
Yellow Face  0,1 Yellowface Cinnamon Violet ZG. Kuhn
Ino  0,1 Lutino A. Conrades
Lacewing  1,0 Lacewing Yellow R. Lachmann
Cinnamon  1,0 Cinnamon Grey R. Jenne
Opaline Cinnamon  0,1 Op. Cinnamon Greygreen R. Jenne
Opaline  1,0 Opalin Grey Green F. Böck
Yellow / white  1,0 Yellow H. Muntz
Grey Wings  1.0 Greywing Grey Yellow Face R. Lehmann
Clearwings  1.0 Clearwings Dark Green B. Zenke
Recessive Pied  1.0 Rec. Pied Light Blue ZG Scates/ Zimmermann
Austr.- Pied  1.0 Austr Pieds gray cinnamon J. Koch
Spangle  1,0 Spangle Ligth Blue F. Böck
Spangle DF  1,0 Spangle DF Yellow R. Jenne
Danish Spangle  1,0 Danish Spangle Grey P. Jüncke
Other Colors  1.0 Black Yellow eye P. Fischer
Texas Clearbody  0,1 T. Clear Body Light Green H. Huber
Pair  1,1 Grey F. Böck
Collektion  4,0 Ligth Blue F. Böck

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About the Author:

Norbert Kirstein began breeding budgerigars in 1974 at the age of 20 and continued until 1985. From this date until 1999, Norbert changed direction in his livestock hobby and bred, trained and exhibited German Shepherd dogs.

He came back to the hobby in 2000 and lives with his wife in East Frisia, Germany. His stud of quality budgerigars are founded on Jenne, Mannes and Vogt bloodlines.

Each year he visits many top budgerigar breeders and will be sharing these experiences with the readers of this site.

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  1. Super photography/report by Norbert Kirstein.

    Congratulations to all winner and exhibitor. Well done Jurgen, Ralph Jenne and Florian.

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan.

  2. Megabaraty says:

    Please Mr, Nobert am interesting to translate the whole champion results with pics to The Egyptian Bird Society .. waiting your permission

  3. Joe stainforth says:

    Congratulations. To all the winners.well done

  4. Hello Megabaraty,

    they the results can and pictures to use for the Egyptian Bird Society.

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