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Nigel Tonkin is President of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia and has judged in the Australian Nationals, New Zealand, Switzerland & Germany. He is heavily involved in producing the new Australian Standard pictorial - working with Roy Aplin.

Tips For Looking After Your Birds During Hot Weather – Nigel Tonkin, South Australia

Make provision for extremes of temperature when the weather gets hot.


The Change of the Exhibition Budgerigar In Australia – Nigel Tonkin

Birds that I was successful in at the start of my breeding in 1983 and 1984 were thought to be strong.


Don Burke talks to Nigel Tonkin about his passion for Budgerigars

“My gift and curse is that I care about people, animals and the environment”, says Don Burke


The Seafoam Mutation

A new mutation – the Seafoam


Yellow Faced on the Show Bench

This presentation was put together by Nigel Tonkin and John Mulley after a lot of discussion, from fanciers internationally and within Australia, as to where or how the Yellow Face should be placed on the show bench. John did an initial simplistic presentation specifically for the Australian National Budgerigar Council to show where the Yellow […]


Nigel Tonkin on Bird Health

In this article, Nigel Tonkin (President of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia) discusses products he uses to maintain budgerigar health.


Biosecurity Australia’s Statement on Budgerigar Imports

The following is an extract from Biosecurity Australia (Live Animal Imports – Horses, Livestock and Birds) in relation to the ongoing rumours that importation of budgerigars will be commencing within the year.