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David Turner started breeding budgies in 1951. He gave up in 1960 when he went abroad to work. On retirement in 2001 he returned to the hobby and through his mentor, Bob Crisp from Bishops Stortford, got to know Gerald Binks. In 2010, David became an applicant to the Budgerigar Society Council.

The Greywing Challenge

Focus on one or two particular colours or varieties.


The Passion – Part 3 – Bread & Honey

“Passion” is what you need as a beginner to succeed with budgerigars – if only this were true and life was so simple! Let’s look at three other elements that play their part in successful budgerigar breeding. 3 – Money You are going to have to spend money and you won’t make any! It is […]


The Passion – Part 2 – Father Time

Don’t kid yourself that you can buy time. You will need a lot of it. On getting started, don’t hang about. Knock up something modest in a shed or what ever. Get some birds and see if they are really what you want to do and you are prepared to give them the commitment.


The Passion – Part 1 – Lady Luck

Lady Luck – she who is notoriously fickle and to whom we turn when things go wrong or when, with false modesty, we have done something right even without realising it.