Announcement from Gerald Binks – September 2014

After 69 years of the greatest pleasure of Breeding and Showing Budgerigars, it is with real regret that a recent diagnosis of asbestosis inhaled over 40 years ago, has left me with no option at but to step back from this great hobby with all the contributions I have made to its betterment both at home and internationally. All fanciers will be relieved that what I had thought was feather dust infection has been totally denied by the Specialists involved.

As a result of this setback, the BA23 Stud is up for Sale with immediate effect, all at reasonable prices depending on quality.  It comprises two serious bloodlines, namely Jo Mannes and Daniel Lutolf plus outcrosses from the Don Havenhand Stud which was itself heavily Mannes based. Some years ago the Moffat Stud of Light Greens was also a contributory factor. So here is an opportunity for any serious breeders to get hold of quality outcrosses on a first come basis and each should consider casting an eye over a high quality stud into which so much effort and expense has been injected.

Today it is all about faces, and width of face as well as the three most difficult features of depth of mask, massive spots, size and showmanship. There is a range of quality as with any stud, but my breeding team for 2015 is included – and this hurts—”have to be sold without exception.

All that anyone who is desirous of visiting needs to do,  is to phone me any evening after 7.30 and I will help all concerned at all levels of experience.

Gerald Binks




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About the Author: Gerald Binks began breeding budgerigars when he was 12 years old and is now arguably the most knowledgeable budgerigar fancier in the world. He has bred his fair share of Best in Show birds, judged in no less than 20 countries, founded the World Budgerigar Association, and has published two of the three classic books on the hobby. His stud in the UK attracts fanciers from near and far and is always high on the list for those wishing to purchase BA23 quality budgerigars.

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  1. Jeff Lloyd says:


    In 1982 Budgerigar World changed an 18 year old boys life forever. Thank you. All the best for the future. Jeff Lloyd

  2. John & Steve says:

    Gerald, we would like to thank you for all the pleasure that you have given us and others over the years. We hope you remain in contact with the hobby and wish you all the best for the future. John & Steve.

  3. John Gowie says:

    Dear Mr Binks

    So sorry to hear that you are having to give up the keeping of budgerigars because of ill health. I can only hope that you get over the physical problems and can still contribute to the fancy in writing. Through Best in Show, Budgerigar World, The Challenge and thoughts from Tanglewood you have passed on much wisdom and advice to the silent majority who are fascinated by this small parakeet.I would also like to thank you for being a link to fanciers long gone who through your stories and articles have passed on their views and opinions which are still relevant today.

    Chin up Gerald


  4. duncan says:

    Hi Dad! (and you Mum).


  5. Hi Gerald,

    You an institute and we are serving branches. Just my say.

    I will pray for you and believe that only sincere prayers change .. Sorry to heard but not world ends here .. just diverting your activities for the betterment of yourself also for the avicultural community development and to raise voice or social awareness against asbestos. Let’s start from today.

    Asbestos – The hidden killer

    Sharing below info may help in understanding asbestos and would humble request to all friend of budgerigar and birdkeeper don’t forget your coughing, chest pain, unexplained weight less, shortness in breathing, chest tightness and did you ever notice or seen invisible movement of fibers during morning sunlight?

    Reference: Abstract copy of my started thread dated 18th July 2009 on the subject Feather dust is the killer? from the BSP Yahoo Group, compiled by The Voice of Budgerigar (VoB)

    Actual question from Habib Ur Rehman “How we could justify the feather dust is the killer and what we have evidences/proofs relating to feather dust and is the killer? many breeders are unaware of the reasons and what will be the best preventive action to be taken? noted that 95% breeders are breeding at home is under question?”

    Betty Berry from Australia “Hi Habib, Do you do any work at work at all????? (LOL) Yes the dust of the birds can be detrimental to people, especially those who are allergy sufferers or suffer from Asthma.

    http://www.petcaret keepers-lung- disease.html

    http://wyrick157. id62.htm

    http://au.altavista .com/web/ results?itag= ody&q=bird+keepers+ lung&kgs=1&kls=0 actually go to this page and then everyone can read the different articles.

    It was very common in Pigeon fanciers, and you can see the dust around the bird room.

    The other thing to watch out for is the mites, they can attack us as will, i.e. red mite, and fodder mite. Just Google them as well.

    I have to spray myself with Aeroguard (a product we have here in Australia) which helps to protect me or otherwise I itch like blazes at nigh-time. Spraying the bird-room with AIL also help (every 4-6 weeks)

    Thank God and Allah for the Internet as I just don’t have time to look through all the books”

    Naveed shared his opinion “We have the main issue of dirty seeds .. also said in my eyes first of all we need to provide clean seeds to our birds, then it comes to ventilation (which is also a big lack in most of the fancier’s setup), then it is clean aviary”

    Betty Berry to Naveed: “Working on that one for you, a friend has just got his seed winnower back and I’ve asked him to pull it apart and make plans for you guys. Just give it time and it will be posted on the group. All you need is a vacumm cleaner to make it work properly, none of the seed goes into the vacumm cleaner so one can use the household one with safety.”

    Nigel Tonkin to Habib Ur Rehman: briefly said “Probably to do with the protein content and the potential for causing cancer – used to be a common statement. The wearing of face masks, use of Ionisers, clean environment, good air flow would all assist ..”

    Usaid Ahmed shared;

    (a) Feather dust prevention and ensuring proper hygiene level of bird room;

    http://www.robharve filter.htm

    (b)For light control in bird room and maintaining body temperature of a sick bird in a hospital cage;

    http://www.robharve cages.htm

    (c)For ensuring quality of your seed mix

    http://www.robharve cleaning.htm

    Habib Ur Rehman replyed to Nigel Tonkin, “.. thanks for solid reply and to provide a base on the tips but request to provide some information to our breeder on the “clean environment” because the breeders in Pakistan are lacking or aware ..”

    And in the last Nigel Tonkin said “I will attempt to answer some of the questions once I am home in Mount Gambier – I am in Adelaide for two meetings today and will head home in the afternoon and then maybe tomorrow p.m. I will get a chance to respond in depth??? ..”

    Gerald we had been debate on various topics but willing to share of your article Drinking Water – Chlorine in same connection and have look into.

    Banned across the world,asbestos continues to plague Pakistan An article published in The News International on Sunday February 02, 2014.

    Now question is what exactly what to check or test? air, products or overall environment. Based on Pakistan Geologist sampling research finding conclude that exposure to asbestos was an everyday occurrence. Asbestos contamination endangered the health of housewives, schoolchildren/teachers, hospital patients, mines, oil refineries, factories and industrial workers as well. Legislation is very important subject to health and safety either.

    Thanking you and we need you always Gerald.

    Habib Ur Rehman, Pakistan

  6. Dear Mr Binks
    I still have the first edition of Budgerigar World.I am still reading them. The Challenge book is often read both Editions.
    You have broken the barriers and given us inspiration & knowledge. You have kept us in touch with the rest of the world.
    Mr Gerald Binks I Thank you.
    Kindest regards

  7. Greg Prowse says:

    Dear Gerald
    just a short note from Australia to thankyou for your dedication and sharing your wisdom to all fanciers. l always refer to articles for help and direction when needed.Thankyou for being who you are,and a great to you and your family.


  8. jhong says:

    im interested on buying some of your from the phils.

  9. Terry Tuxford Terry Tuxford says:

    Gerald no longer has birds

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