28th European Championships – Karlsruhe, Germany

To this well known annual event in Karlsruhe, the organisers welcomed 110 exhibitors from 10 countries with 1100 budgerigars being benched.

This year the show took place in the Garden Hall, which has great air conditioning and was ideal for an exhibition of this scale.

The judges decided the show winner to be a Dark Green from Jo Mannes of Freiburg. He won with a 4 to 1 majority with the judges, giving him a total of 19 wins at this show over the years. This medium-sized cock was well-balanced and behaved simply perfectly in front of the judges. The best opposite sex was a greygreen adult hen from the Swiss breeder Daniel Lütolf.


Marcel Bühler, Switzerland
Han Schrijver, Netherlands
Lars Voss, Denmark
Karl Ritzmann, AZ-DWV
Siegfried Szesny, AZ-DWV


European Winner  Dark green Jo Mannes
European Winner Opposite Sex  Gray green Daniel Lütolf
Best Young Bird  Dark green Jo Mannes
Best Young Bird Opposite Sex  DF Spangle Yellow Jo Mannes
Best Any Age  Cinnamon Grey Daniel Lütolf
Best Any Age Opposite Sex  Greygreen Daniel Lütolf
European Winner Junior  White Lacewing Yanik Stampfli
European group winners    
Light Green  Light Green Jo Mannes
Light Blue  Light Blue Holger Kehrer
Gray Green  Gray Green Daniel Lütolf
Gray  Gray Jo Mannes
Dark Colors  Dark Green Jo Mannes
Yellow / white / grey wing  White Daniel Lütolf
Ino  Albino Frank Nietgen
Clearwings  Clearwings Sky Blue Arnd Wiczorek
Cinnamon  Cinnamon Grey Daniel Lütolf
Opaline Cinnamon  Op. Cinnamon Light Green Jo Mannes
Opaline  Opaline Dark Green ZG Browarczyk
Yellow Face  AYF Cinnamon Light Blue Daniel Lütolf
Spangle DF, Texas Clearbody, New Mutation  DF Spangle Yellow Jo Mannes
Lacewing  White Lacewing Yanik Stampfli
Recessive Pied  Recessive Pied Light Green Regina Scates
Austr. Pied  Austr. Pied Dark Blue Jo Mannes
Spangle  Spangle Sky Blue Andreas Conrades
Other Colors  Hood Sky Blue ZG Stiegelmaier
Pair  Grey Daniel Lütolf
Team  Greygreen ZG Giger-Waser
Best Overall  Jo Mannes  
2. Best Overall  Daniel Lütolf  
3. Best Overall  ZG Giger – Waser  

For Photos Click Here europeanchamps2012


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About the Author:

Norbert Kirstein began breeding budgerigars in 1974 at the age of 20 and continued until 1985. From this date until 1999, Norbert changed direction in his livestock hobby and bred, trained and exhibited German Shepherd dogs.

He came back to the hobby in 2000 and lives with his wife in East Frisia, Germany. His stud of quality budgerigars are founded on Jenne, Mannes and Vogt bloodlines.

Each year he visits many top budgerigar breeders and will be sharing these experiences with the readers of this site.

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  1. Great show report, well done.

    Norbert is that possible to watch few video clips and photography over here.

    Thank you very much.

    Habib Ur Rehman,Pakistan

  2. Hi Habib,
    Pictures to come!
    On my HP you can also see it but.

  3. Lieber Norbert fantastische Show Vögel und ich danke Ihnen sehr für den Austausch mit uns und really like your ‘, sondern’ den Fall.

    Doing alle Übersetzung durch web-Quelle und dachte, jetzt weltweit rund dot.

    Nothing far Norbert and happy to see the world class top budgerigars.

    Habib Ur Rehman,Pakistan

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